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Believe it or not, on this exact day four years ago I posted my first (and only… until now!) Book Shelf tour (click here to see it)! To this day it is still one of my most viewed blog posts ever! I’ve been getting a lot of requests on Instagram to do an updated one, so when I saw that it had been four years since my last one, I thought it would be so fun to post to see how different my bookshelves look! I am still using the same bookshelves, but I am using a lot more of them now (in my basement my family installed a huge bookshelf, so I use about 1/3 of the shelves, and my Dad uses just over 2/3). I have acquired A LOT more books since the last time you saw these shelves, thanks to all of the amazing ARCs I have received from different publishing houses, my discovery of BOOK HEAVEN (aka!), and the fantastic releases that authors have been publishing over the past several years. As you can see, my shelves consist of a lot more YA and Adult books, rather than in my last bookshelf tour where I had an even mix of YA and Middle Grade. I hope that you all enjoy this tour!

DISCLAIMER: I have received quite a few ARCs (which will be indicated with an astric), as well as a lot of books that have been purchased for me from friends or family from gifts. However, most of the books (including all of the books I have purchased from Book Outlet) were boughten by myself. I am not making this post to brag in any way, shape, or form. This post is very requested, and I am publishing it purely because people have asked to see my book collection. πŸ™‚

Key: Bold – Sent for free. Underlined – Reviewed on blog (I used to review most ARCs solely on Goodreads, since I didn’t have much time to write full reviews in the past) (click on the title, it will take you right to the review).

This is my bookshelf! As I previously said, it is a huge bookshelf unit that is installed in the basement of my house, and this is literally only one third of it! My bookshelf isn’t really organized in any way. Some shelves hold books that have the same genre, while some just have random hardbacks. The far left column only holds ARCs and books that i have received for free from publishers (as does a few shelves next to it).

These are all hardcover books that I have received from publishers for free. All of them were sent to me from Penguin Random House Canada, except for “Hello, Friends!” by Jerry Howarth, which I received from ECW Press TODAY!

The Productivity Project ● A Ladder To The Sky ● Once Upon A River ● The Dreamers ● City of the Lost ● Illuminae ● Binge ● This May Sound Crazy ● Salt to the Sea ● Unhooked ● The Skeleton Tree ● Someday ● Final Report ● Hello, Friends!

This shelves houses my XL-Paperback ARCs! Like the previous shelf (and all other ones on the left side of my shelf), I received these from publishers. Most of them are from Penguin Random House Canada, Hachette Book Group, Simon & Schuster Canada and Raincoast Canada.

The Cruelty ● The Square Root of Summer ● Flawed ● Yiddish For Pirates ● Golden State ● Piper Perish ● The Diabolic ● The Suspect ● The Hatching ● The Name Therapist ● Genius ● Everyone Brave Is Forgiven ● Holding On To Normal ● Her Father’s Secret ● Girls of Paper and Fire ● Once & Future

Most of these books were sent to me from Simon & Schuster Canada, Harper Collins Canada and Raincoast Canada from 2014/2015.

Since You’ve Been Gone ● Unravel ● The Defiant ● Chasing Before ● Servants of the Storm ● Black Ice ● Walking on Trampolines ● Me Being Me ● Hit ● City Love ● Galgorithm ● Three Day Summer ● Kissing In America ● Like It Never Happened ● In Real Life ● Paper Weight ● The War Against The Assholes ● Wild Ones ● Don’t Fail Me Now ● The Unquiet ● The Scorpion Rules

Most of these books were sent to me for Simon & Schuster Canada, Raincoast Canada and Harper Collins Canada!

Walk On Earth A Stranger ● Zeroes ● The Last Kids on Earth ● The Rest of Us Just Live Here ● A Step Toward Falling ● This Is Where The World Ends ● This Is Where It Ends ● The Forbidden Wish ● Where You’ll Find Me ● Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here ● Rebel of the Sands ● Teen Frankenstein ● Charlotte Cuts It Out ● Snow Job ● The Last Boy and Girl in the World ● The Unexpected Everything ● Black River Falls ● Gap Life ● Scythe ● This Adventure Ends ● Ice Like Fire

These books were all bought late last year on Book Outlet! You can read the post that I hauled them in here!

Why We Broke Up ● Every You, Every Me ● Mosquitoland ● Looking For Alaska ● The Love That Split The World ● The Walls Around Us ● A Little Something Different ● Behind Her Eyes ● Firsts ● This Song Will Save Your Life ●  The Smell of Other peoples Houses ● This is the Life ● The Gates ● Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock ● Behind Closed Doors ● This Savage Song ● Before I Fall ● Like A River Glorious ● Midnight At The Bright Ideas Bookstore ● Dumplin’ ● Crimson Bound ● Cruel Beauty

Some of these books were purchased on Book Outlet, while the others I purchased at Chapters Indigo!

An Anonymous Girl ● Leave Me ● The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo ● Falling Into Place ● Anatomy of a Misfit ● Made You Up ● The Female of the Species ● A Madness So Discreet ● The Last Time We Say Goodbye ● Bellevue Square

This is another one of my ARC shelves. All of these books were sent to me from Raincoast Canada, Penguin Canada, Simon and Schuster Canada,  Harper Collins Canada, and Hachette Book Group! I will be posting a review of any and every book that has not yet been released on this shelf closer to their release dates!

Labyrinth Lost ● Worlds of Ink and Shadow ● You Before Anyone Else ● Jess, Chunk, and the Road Trip to Infinity ● Romeo & What’s Her Name ● Dare You To Lie ● I Do Not Trust You ● OtherEarth ● The Wren Hunt ● The Gauntlet ● Looker ● Dry ● The Field Guide To The North American Teenager ● The Black Coats ● The Meaning of Birds ● Love & Other Curses ● Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee ● You Must Not Miss ● Wilder Girls ● The Lost Property Office ● Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better

This shelf is home to my all-time favourite “coffee table book”! Bibliophile by Jane Monet is a beautiful book all about… BOOKS! What more could you want?!

This shelf holds some of my all-time favourite books!

Cress ● Winter ● Fairest ● Insurgent ● Allegiant ● Four ● Dorothy Must Die ● The Wicked Will Rise ● Yellow Brick War ● The End of Oz ● The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell ● The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns ● The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning ● The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms ● The Land of Stories: An Author’s Odessy

The next few shelves will all feature my hardcover books! I purchased most of these from Chapters Indigo or Book Outlet!

Caraval ● Girls Made of Snow and Glass ● Heartless ● If We Were Villains ● Because You Love to Hate Me ● Between The Lines ● Daughter of Smoke & Bone ● These Broken Stars ● This Shattered World ● Popular ● Red Queen ● The Fault In Our Stars ● Emergency Contact ● Two Can Keep A Secret ● Moxie ● The Chaos of Standing Still ● Isla and the Happily Ever After ● Warcross

First Life ● Forsake ● Soundless ● All The Bright Places ● Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend ● To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before ● Unbecoming ● Love and Other Perishable Items ● Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between ● Turtles All The Way Down ● Noggin ● Burn For Burn ● Stealing Snow ● The Afterlife of Holly Chase ● Two Roads From Here ● Althea & Oliver ● We Are Still Tornadoes ● Here We Are Now ● Tell Us Something True

Something Real ● Pennyroyal Academy ● The Iron Trial ● Curse Of The Thirteenth Fay ● Seraphina ● The School for Good & Evil ● I Will Always Write Back ● Stalker Girl ● The Truth Commission ● The Lost and the Found ● Pretty Little Liars ● The Body in the Woods ● The Screaming Staircase ●  Entwined ● Love, Stargirl ● Stargirl ● Hellen Keller Biography ● Who Was Walt Disney? ● The Giver ● Glittering Court

This shelve holds all of full series/box sets!

The Maze Runner ● The Scorch Trials ● The Death Cure ● The Kill Order ● The Hunger Games ● Catching Fire ● Mockingjay ● Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone ● Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ● Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ● Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ● Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix ● Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince ● Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ● A Darker Shade of Magic ● A Gethering of Shadows ● A Conjuring of Light ● Lady Midnight

This shelf holds paperback dystopian, sci-fi, and a few thrillers.

More Than This ● City of Bones ● City of Ashes ● The Darkest Minds ● Otherworld ● The Diviners ● Across the Universe ● The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer ● Big Little Lies ● Gone Girl ● Twilight ● New Moon ● Snow Like Ashes ● Frost Like Night ● Divergent ● Cinder ● Scarlet

The shelf features some contemporary, middle grade, and non-fiction books.

Everyday ● Brain on Fire ● It’s Kind of a Funny Story ● What Happened to Goodbye ● Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour ● Anna and the French Kiss ● My Life Next Door ● Paper Towns ● Where Things Come Back ● Normal Girl ● This is What Happy Looks Like ● The Geography of You and Me ● The Mysterious Benedict Society ● The Fill-in Boyfriend ● Say What You Will ● Girl’s Best Friend ● 13 Gifts ● The Clique ● Best Friends For Never ● Revenge of the Wannabes ● Nancy Drew: Without a Trace ● Choose It and Lose It ● Show Me A Story! ● Falling up ● Make Up: Your Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success – Online and Off

This final shelf holds some horror/halloween-themed books, historical fiction novels, and some classics!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children ● The Night Circus ● The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall ● Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer ● Dead Upon A Time, The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die ● The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall ● Doll Bones ● The Perfect Nanny ● Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl ● A Night Divided ● Red Scarf Girl ● Between Shades of Gray ● Prisoner B-3087 ● One Crazy Summer ● The Boy in the Striped Pajamas ● The Breadwinner Trilogy ● The Book Theif ● Stones on a Grave ● Small Bones ● Night ● The Wave ● The Great Gatsby ● The Hobbit ●The Two Towers ● The Fellowship of the Ring ● Lord of the Flies ● The Complete Adventures of Charlie and Mr. Willy Wonka ● Lord of the Flies ● King Lear ● The Catcher In The Rye ● Nineteen Eighty-Four

AND THAT IS MY 2019 BOOKSHELF TOUR! I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the books I own!

Good Night Book Owls!

19 thoughts on “BOOKSHELF TOUR 2019!

  1. I envy your bookshelves. I would love to have so much shelving in one place. (mine are slotted where I can fit them around the house)
    You have a great selection of books.

  2. As you obviously live in Canada as well, all good things to say about BookOutlet? I follow them on social media, but I am never sure about ordering from them. I love Flawed.

  3. Love your bookshelf tour post! So many great books! πŸ˜€ I am DYING to get my books on shelves again. I’m moving at the end of the month, so all my books have been packed away for almost an entire year! Once I finally get moved, I’ll be able to buy new bookshelves and finally unpack my books haha. It’s been so hard without seeing them, lol.

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