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Making Up for Monday {08/24}

(Making up for Monday is a weekly meme in which there is a new question every monday and it is your job to write an answer. Want to participate in this meme? Here is the link to all of the questions: http://www.alotofreadingandalittlewriting.blogspot.ca/p/making-up-for-monday.html) Who is your least favorite hero-esque character and why? Probably Tris's brother from… Continue reading Making Up for Monday {08/24}

Book Events


Hi everyone! Today, I'm coming at you with a very requested post, which is my HCC Frenzy 2015 experience/recap! The day started off with my mother and I heading to the subway station, en route to the Frenzy Presents event! Once there, we sat in the little lobby area and filled out a very cute… Continue reading HCC FRENZY PRESENTS EXPERIENCE/RECAP 2015!