Liebster Award #4!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my 4th Liebster Nomination! I can’t believe that I’ve been nominated 4 times! I love this award, because each time there are new questions to answer! Thanks to ma girl Aneta for the nomination!

liebster-award-rules (1)

1. What is your dream career?
I want to become an elementary school teacher! I am in English major, so of course I want to teach English/Literacy! I’ve wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in Grade 2, so I don’t think my dream will be changing any time soon, or ever!
2. Favourite place you’ve visited?
Walt Disney World!
3. Do you have a favourite blog?
Yes, although I love a ton of blogs! I love Alina, Amy, Ashley and Aneta! All A’s (btw PLL last night?!), haha!
4. What is your biggest fear?
I don’t really have a general biggest fear, but I have a few personal ones that no one no’s.
5. Favourite scary movie?
Hmmmm, probably My Daughter’s Secret. Although, it’s more of a weird murder mystery type.
6. Favourite book you would recommend to others?
Of course, The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer. Also, next July (2016) when the last one will come out, I will be doing an entire Land of Stories themed month!
7. Do you have a secret talent?
Well, many members of my family still don’t know I blog, so I guess blogging (does that count?)?
8. What is your biggest problem/challenge when it comes to blogging?
I used to be good at scheduling posts, but now I’m kind of slacking! BOO.
9. What book character best resembles you?
Alex from The Land of Stories. A book worm outcast. HAHA!
10. Any bad habits?
Not being social because- Reading/Blogging>People.- Oops!
11. What is the most watched movie/DVD in your collection?
I love Beauty and the Beast and The Hunger Games!

Those were all of the questions! Thanks again to Aneta for the nomination and non-complex questions!

I don’t have anyone to nominate, but feel free to answer the questions I have previously asked!

Good Night Book Owls!

One thought on “Liebster Award #4!

  1. OMG what a perfect job – English teacher 🙂 get them to start their own little blogs haha and then you can all just blog all day !!
    Holy. shit. did you watch PLL?? what do you think of the summer finale? Im honestly still processing the slightly rushed summer finale!!

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