June Library Book Haul

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you all the library books I borrowed in the month of June!

Library Books:
Movie- Avatar
Movie- Silver Linings Playbook
Movie- Les Miserables
Volumes 2-6 of Maximum Ride Manga by Narae Lee
The Help
Favourite African Folktales edited by Nelson Mandella
Reality Boy by A.S. King
Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

Those are all the books I got from the library for the month of June! Look out for my June Book Haul and my June reads coming soon!

Good Night Book Lions!

Weekly Reading Plans! #1 June 16- June 20 2014

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to tell you guys about my plans for reading this week!

Monday June 16: Today I plan on finishing Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi and getting at least 25% through Unravel Me (the 2nd book)!

Tuesday June 17: Today I plan on reading at least 50-75% of Unravel Me book, or maybe even finish it!

Wednesday June 18: I plan on finishing unravel me if I haven’t done so already. Then I want to get at least 25% into Ignite Me (the last book).

Thursday June 19: Today I want to get through at least 75% of Ignite Me!

Friday June 20: Today I want to finish ignite me if I have not done so already, if I have finished ignite me I’m going to give myself a reading break day, as, if I have finished all of my reading plans, I will have read THREE books this week!

I hope you guys enjoy these reading plan posts, I hope to do one every week in July, so this was a trial!

Good Night Book LIONS!!!!

June TBR!

I just realized I didn’t make a TBR this month!
So here it goes…

Harry Potter and the philosophers stoke by j.K. Rowling
Harry potter and the chamber of secrets by J.K. Rowling
Harry potter and the prisoner of azskaban by J.K. Rowling
Burn For Burn by Jenny Han
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Lani Taylor
Between the Lines by Jodi Piclout
The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

That’s it for tonight
Good Night Book LIONS!

May Library Book Haul

Hey guys!

Here is my long awaited May library book haul.

Throne of Glass by Sarah j. Mass
Eon by Allison Goodman
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith
Maximum Ride Graphic Novel Vol. 1 by Narae Lee
Straw House, Wood House, Brick House, BLOW
A crack in the kingdom

Good night book LIONS!

#SummerOfSpells Update: Days 1-3

Hey guys, here is my update for days 1-3.

So far I have read Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (book one). It was soooooo amazing. That took me days 1&2 to read and finish.

Tonight (day 3) I want to read the first 2 chapters of Harry potter and the chamber of secrets (book 2). I have had a few tests at school today so I couldn’t read anything yet.

So far I think I’m doing very well as I have already finished 1/7 books.

Also I just heard from a host of this read along and they said that there extending this read along from June 1- August 30 instead of June 1- June 30! So now it’s officially the whole summer!

Good Night Book Worms!

Alyssa’s Reviews – The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Hey guys!

Today I am going to be reviewing the book “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green in honor of the movie coming out in 5 days!

Plot: With a tumor-shrinking miracle Hazel has gained a few more years. But with those years come boredom and reading here favourite book over again “An Imperial Affliction”. Being forced by her parents hazel joins a cancer support group just to meet “friends” though, hazel meets more than just a friend. She meets Augustus Waters. Before she knows it, Augustus is sweeping her away to her dream life of being normal (teen love).

Characters: The main characters in this story are Hazel Grace Lancaster, Augustus Waters and Peter Van Houghten. Hazel Grace is our protagonist, she has a tumour in her lounges which makes it hard for her to breath. She has short brown hair and is an easy loving character. Augustus Waters is the cute boy Hazel meets in support group. He is her soon to be lover and is a big reader as well. Peter Van Houghten is the author of Hazel’s favourite book “An Imperial Infliction”. He plays a big role in this book, but I don’t want to give anything away!

Favourite Part:
My favourite part of this book was when Augustus took Hazel out for dinner in Amstredam. This is when Augustus tells Hazel that he really loved her and wants to be with her for as long as he can.

My thoughts/recommendation:
I gave this book a 5/5 stars on GoodReads! This is one of my favourite books and will always be. It was just as romantic as it needed to be without being to cheesy. It was a beautiful story that I would recommend to just about anyone.

I hope to read the rest of John Greens books sometime soon.

That’s it for tonight’s post!
Good Night Book Worms!

#SummerOfSpells Harry Potter Read Along!

Hey guys!

In my May book haul I said I bought all of the Harry potter books and in my next post you’d find out why.

So here is the reason I bought the Harry potter books!


The Read Along starts today (June 1) and ends on June 30, so it lasts all month! Your goal for this is to read the whole Harry potter series from start to finish!
This will be my first time reading the series so I’m SUPER excited!

This read along will by hosted by these booktubers
Beth- BethJune327
Heather- Bookables
Regan- PeruseProject
Jamie- ErmahgerdBerks
Jessica- Priceiswong
Kassidy- KassidyVoinche

To connect with everyone on Twitter use the hashtag #SummerOfSpells

As for daily updates I’m still thinking about it. I’ll probably do updates every other day so watch out for that!

I hope you will be participating in this read along with us!
Good Night Book Worms!

*UPDATE* the readathon has now been expanded to August 30.