#SummerOfSpells Update: Days 1-3

Hey guys, here is my update for days 1-3.

So far I have read Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (book one). It was soooooo amazing. That took me days 1&2 to read and finish.

Tonight (day 3) I want to read the first 2 chapters of Harry potter and the chamber of secrets (book 2). I have had a few tests at school today so I couldn’t read anything yet.

So far I think I’m doing very well as I have already finished 1/7 books.

Also I just heard from a host of this read along and they said that there extending this read along from June 1- August 30 instead of June 1- June 30! So now it’s officially the whole summer!

Good Night Book Worms!

What are your thoughts?

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