BETA Reading

Do you have a Middle-Grade or Young Adult contemporary novel that you would like beta read before sending it to an agent, editor, or publishing house? Then I am your girl!

Starting on February 11, 2019, I will be offering a free beta reading service for middle grade and young adult contemporary books.

While I normally read and review all genres of Young Adult and Adult novels, I feel that my expertise and feedback would be most suited for middle grade books and young adult contemporary.

If your book follows these guidelines, I am open to beta reading it for you!

  • Any genre within the middle grade relm or a young adult contemporary novel.
  • 75,000 or less words (I would prefer if it was a complete novel, but if not, please mention that in your message to me).
  • The first in a series or a standalone.

In exchange for my beta reading service, I ask that you…

  • Give me at least one month to read the book and offer detailed commentary.
  • Are open to both kind comments and constructive criticism.
  • Give your full cooperation to this process.
  • Understand that I am NOT a professional in this field, and have no expertise in the editing and publishing fields.

What you can expect from me:

  • Honest feedback on each section of your novel.
  • A quick turn-around time on all emails and communication.
  • Comments on your setting, characters, plot line, story development, pacing and more!
  • Answers to any questions you may have for me about your book.

You must also understand that I am a full time student. I am doing this simply because I LOVE to read and want to help authors succeed in the writing/publishing industry.

Since I am still a student and am by no-means a professional of any sort, this is a free service I offer, and you are not expected to pay me whatsoever (however, I would never turn down an ARC or finished copy of your book once it is published!).

Upon my acceptation of your manuscript, I will provide you with a tentative completion date (typically 30-days after you send me the manuscript), at which I will be finished reading your entire manuscript, and will send all of my feedback to you. If you have a questionnaire for me to feel out, please send it to me a week before the completion date, or you may send it to me after I send you the feedback. If there is an issue with the tentative completion date, I will notify you right away, and we will mutually agree on another date.

If you are interested in having  me beta read your book, please fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

In the comment section of the form, please provide how long it has taken you to write this book, what sub-genre it fits into in middle grade, a general synopsis of your book, and information about yourself and why/how you began writing!