Review Policy

(Updated on December 11, 2018)

Attention Authors/Publishing Houses: Please read before contacting me to read and review books. 

I currently only accept books to read from Publishing Houses and/or literary agents (no self-published books at this time, please). I prefer physical copies, but I am able to read e-books (as long as they are in PDF or EPUP format). I will try my best to read and post the review the week that the book comes out. Please give me at least a month to read your book, as I always have particular books I plan on reading during a specific month in order to post a full review of it. I am available to read and review ANY genre. I prefer; Contemporary, Dystopian, Thriller/Mystery, Sports (Baseball) and Sci-fi books. However, if you’re book does not sound interesting to me, I will most likely decline it. I will always disclose if a book is given to me for free in the title of the blog post and throughout several paragraphs within the post itself. My book reviews are always 100% authentic and share my feelings, whether a book was given to me for free to review or not.

If your book follows the Review Policy, please use the contact form (found when clicking the “Contact Me” page) so that I can respond to your email ASAP.

Thank you for considering me to review your book, it means a lot!

Questions? Contact:, with the subject “Question(s): Review Policy 2018”.

Thank you, I look forward to reading and reviewing your book!

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