Dewey’s 24 hour readathon wrap up!

Hey guys! Sorry about not doing a post everyday! I’ve been really busy with alot of stuff.

As you should know, I recently participated in the “Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon”!

I only participated for a few hours, though, because I went to Indigo (typical.) to buy a few more books.

I finished half (about 200 pages) of “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Morgan Matson. I recieved an ARC of this from my dear friends at Simon and Schuster Canada. I will be putting up a review on May 5, the day before it  comes out, so look out for that!

That’s it for today!

Good Night Book Worms!

Dewey’s 24 Hour ReadAThon Update: Hour 2

Yesterday I received in ARC from Simon and Schuster Canada of “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Morgan Matson! I will be doing a review on this book very soon! So that is what I will be reading today! It is currently 10:15am on Saturday and so far so good. I’m almost 100 pages in and I LOVE it so far! No doubt it will be one of my favourite reads this year! It was also one of my most anticipated books for 2014!

Talk to you soon!
Good Bye Book Worms!

Dewey’s 24 Hour ReadAThon!

Today while I was one booktube I discovered “Little Book Owl”‘s newest video about “Dewey’s 24 Hour ReadAThon”! I have never participated in a 24 hour readathon so I was so excited to hear about it! Here are some links to follow up:

Main Website:

Time Zone Starting Time:

Little Book Owls Video:

In a few minutes I will post my TBR for the ReadAThon!

I will also be posting every 1-5 hours, hopefully but I cannot commit to anything.

Good Night Book Worms!

Choosing Your Next Book!

Choosing your next book can be a very big challenge (and a very important one may I add). I go through a lot of steps to find my next book. Here they are!

1. Watching BookTube Videos and seeing what your favorite booktubers are loving!

2. Finding a genre you are very interested in reading at the moment.

3. Once finding a book you like search up book reviews on YouTube and go on Goodreads to see what everyone else has to say about it.

4. Choose if you want to buy the hardback or paperback version of the book (or if it is a series that you think you will really like; buy the boxset).

5. Go out and buy the book!

Those are my steps for finding your next read! If you find a book you like please recommend it to me in the comments!

Good Night Book Worms!

I Love Spring Book Tag!


Hey everyone and happy spring!

Today I’m going to be doing the “I LOVE SPRING” book tag! I wanted to make sure I do this before it gets outdated.

This book tag was created by Helene:… and Amanda:… . ENJOY!

1. How is spring where you are?

I live in Toronto, Canada so, spring can either be quite warm or quite cool. This spring in particular it has warmed up quite a bit!!

2. What is your most anticipated book this spring?

My most anticipated book this spring is going to be “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Morgan Matson. This book is about 2 bestfriends and there relationship together. One of them dissapears and is left with her best friends bucketlist; which may or may not help find her.

3. Show us a book cover that makes us think of spring.


4. Where are you going to read this spring?

Simple; my bed.

5. Find a book cover with the sun on it.

The Hidden Sun Front Cover 3rd Edition

This book is a high fantasy book.

6. Favorite Spring reads?

I love to read more contemporary books such as Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han books.

7. Find a book with many colors on it.


Thats it for this tag! Hope you guys enjoy!

Also, I will be uploading every other day so look out for a ton of more posts!

Good Night Book Worms!

How do I use the “Star Rating” system?

Last night before bed I watched a video called the Goodreads Tag! One of the questions was “Do you use the star rating system? Why or why not?” So I decided to change this question around and make it “How do you use the star rating system?”.

Here’s how I use it;

One Star: I really disliked the book.
Two Stars: Most of the parts really frustrated me but some of them weren’t bad.
Three Stars: The book was ok/up to par.
Four Stars: I liked this book.
Five Stars: I loved this book!

That’s it for now!
Good Night Book Worms!

Dorothy Must Die Read Along!

Guess What?
I’m joining the Dorothy Must Die Read Along!

This read Along is being hosted by a whole bunch of youtubers! Go on YouTube and search “Dorothy Must Die Read Along!” And you will see the intro vids!

It starts April 11 and ends in about 3 weeks!

The book we have chosen is “Dorothy Must Die” by Danielle Paige! This is a brand new book that just came out on April 1!

On twitter use the #letskilldorothy to see what others are thinking about the book!

If you are participating please let me know in the comments!

Also expect a review on this book later today or tommorow as I finished it on Sunday!

That’s it for now!
Good Night Book Worms!