The Book Cake Tag

Hey guys!
I recently stumbled upon, my favourite BookTuber Ariel Bissetts’, new video! It is called “The Book Cake Tag!”.
I decided that I would do it blog style! Lets get started!

This TAG is based upon ingredients you need to bake a perfect cake!

1. Flour
A book that was slow to start off but picked up as it went along.
I believe that book for me is “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. I have not yet finished reading this book as the beginning is a bit slow but as I kept reading it got quicker! I hope to finish this sometime soon!

2. Butter
A book that has a really “rich” and great plot.
A believe this book for me is “Dorothy Must Die” by Danielle Paige. I am currently reading this book and am loving it! The plot and main focus is amazing! It is a brand new book that came out April 1(2014)! Definitely pick this book up if you haven’t all ready!

3. Eggs
A book that you thought was going to be bad, but turned out quite enjoyable.
I believe that book is “City of Bones: Book One in the Mortal Instruments Series” by Cassandra Clare. This book is definitely not one of my favourites but the ending was my favourite part! The plot twists were excellent and very enjoyable!

4. Sugar
A sugary/sweet book.
This book is definitely hard for me to think about as I don’t read much romance. I believe that in the future this book will be “Whatever Happened To Goodbye?” by Sarah Dessen. I have not yet read this book but I own it and it sounds very intriguing.

5. Icing
A book that covered every single element that you enjoy of a book.
This book is “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. I read this book series in November and loved the action!

6. Sprinkles
A book series that you turn turn when you’re feeling down.
This book for me is definitely “The Land Of Stories” by Chris Colfer. As you may know, this is my favourite book of all time. I absolutely love Fairytales and am a Disney Geek by heart. This book was spectacular and I recommend it to all!

7. Cherry on Top
Your favourite book this year so far.
So far my favourite book this year has been “Scarlet” by Marrissa Meyers. This is the second book in “The Lunar Chronicles” book series. Of course I loved the first book “Cinder” but I loved “Scarlet” even more! It was way more action packed and more contemporary!

That’s it for tonight!
Good Night Book Worms!

Kobo Touch Review

Welcome back to my blog!

In this entry we will be talking about the Kobo E-Reader!

I have had my Kobo E-Reader since December 2013!

I believe that you do not need to have a physical copy of a book to mark it as read.

How I got my e-reader:
During Christmas time my local Toys R Us had a sale on the Kobo E-Reader for $50 (50% off). I got some money from the holidays so I decided to spend it on that! I do not regret my choice of purchase!

Cool Things:
The kobo e-reader works perfectly for reading books. It is very easy to adjust the settings of fonts and and size! You can even get on the Internet, play suduko and draw on the sketch pad!

Weight and Storage:
Before using my e-reader I would schlep with about 2 books in my book bag everywhere I went! I still do that but when I’m not in the mood to carry a book bag I will put my e-reader in my purse and that’s it!

Capacity and Downloads:
The e-reader can hold up to about 10,000 books! So far I have downloaded about 20 books. I catagorize my books by genre and that feature works perfectly!
There are also 100’s of free classic books available for download.

Currently on my Kobo I have a pink case that has a big heart in the middle! It has a strap to secure and cover it and corner elastic felt protectors so it doesn’t fall out! The case is $45 at indigo but I had a 50% off coupon so I used it on that.

Overall this e-reader is wonderful and is a great way to expand your library on buying books for less!

That’s it for today!
Good Night Book Worms!

I Joined NetGalley!

Yesterday I was stumbling upon on BookTube and found Bookables (Heather) talking about a site called NetGalley!

It sounded very interesting! As Heather explained; NetGalley is an online website that carries Digital books that book bloggers and youtubers can join. On NetGalley you get access to millions of digital books that you can read and review before they are even published! After you make an account you request books and by your profile they will either accept or decline your request.

With curiosity in hand I decided to make an account and join NetGalley!

So far I am still getting to know the site and find my way around. I have gotten one book acceptation; the book is called adaption.

I am looking forward to learning more about this site!

That’s it for today!
Good Night Book Worms!