I Joined NetGalley!

Yesterday I was stumbling upon on BookTube and found Bookables (Heather) talking about a site called NetGalley!

It sounded very interesting! As Heather explained; NetGalley is an online website that carries Digital books that book bloggers and youtubers can join. On NetGalley you get access to millions of digital books that you can read and review before they are even published! After you make an account you request books and by your profile they will either accept or decline your request.

With curiosity in hand I decided to make an account and join NetGalley!

So far I am still getting to know the site and find my way around. I have gotten one book acceptation; the book is called adaption.

I am looking forward to learning more about this site!

That’s it for today!
Good Night Book Worms!

What are your thoughts?

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