Divergent Movie Review

On March 29th I went to see Divergent with my dad. I read the full trilogy in a span of 3 weeks. The Divergent trilogy is one of my favourite trilogys’ to date! My dad has never read the books and went into the movie totally blind sided.
This review will be from both mine and my dads perspectives, split up.

My thoughts:
I thought that the movie was a great retelling of the movie.
My favourite scenes were:
Ferris Wheel
Shut Down of program (last scene)
Mother meeting her privetly
Tobias’ Fear-landscape
Tris’s Aptitude Test
Choosing Ceremony

Dad’s Thoughts:
“I have seen a lot of violent movies. This by far was this most violent one.”
Favourite Scene:
Parents saying that they will love them no matter what they choose

That’s it for tonight!
Good Night Book Worms

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