Alyssa’s Reviews – The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

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Today I am going to be reviewing the book “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green in honor of the movie coming out in 5 days!

Plot: With a tumor-shrinking miracle Hazel has gained a few more years. But with those years come boredom and reading here favourite book over again “An Imperial Affliction”. Being forced by her parents hazel joins a cancer support group just to meet “friends” though, hazel meets more than just a friend. She meets Augustus Waters. Before she knows it, Augustus is sweeping her away to her dream life of being normal (teen love).

Characters: The main characters in this story are Hazel Grace Lancaster, Augustus Waters and Peter Van Houghten. Hazel Grace is our protagonist, she has a tumour in her lounges which makes it hard for her to breath. She has short brown hair and is an easy loving character. Augustus Waters is the cute boy Hazel meets in support group. He is her soon to be lover and is a big reader as well. Peter Van Houghten is the author of Hazel’s favourite book “An Imperial Infliction”. He plays a big role in this book, but I don’t want to give anything away!

Favourite Part:
My favourite part of this book was when Augustus took Hazel out for dinner in Amstredam. This is when Augustus tells Hazel that he really loved her and wants to be with her for as long as he can.

My thoughts/recommendation:
I gave this book a 5/5 stars on GoodReads! This is one of my favourite books and will always be. It was just as romantic as it needed to be without being to cheesy. It was a beautiful story that I would recommend to just about anyone.

I hope to read the rest of John Greens books sometime soon.

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Choosing Your Next Book!

Choosing your next book can be a very big challenge (and a very important one may I add). I go through a lot of steps to find my next book. Here they are!

1. Watching BookTube Videos and seeing what your favorite booktubers are loving!

2. Finding a genre you are very interested in reading at the moment.

3. Once finding a book you like search up book reviews on YouTube and go on Goodreads to see what everyone else has to say about it.

4. Choose if you want to buy the hardback or paperback version of the book (or if it is a series that you think you will really like; buy the boxset).

5. Go out and buy the book!

Those are my steps for finding your next read! If you find a book you like please recommend it to me in the comments!

Good Night Book Worms!

Kobo Touch Review

Welcome back to my blog!

In this entry we will be talking about the Kobo E-Reader!

I have had my Kobo E-Reader since December 2013!

I believe that you do not need to have a physical copy of a book to mark it as read.

How I got my e-reader:
During Christmas time my local Toys R Us had a sale on the Kobo E-Reader for $50 (50% off). I got some money from the holidays so I decided to spend it on that! I do not regret my choice of purchase!

Cool Things:
The kobo e-reader works perfectly for reading books. It is very easy to adjust the settings of fonts and and size! You can even get on the Internet, play suduko and draw on the sketch pad!

Weight and Storage:
Before using my e-reader I would schlep with about 2 books in my book bag everywhere I went! I still do that but when I’m not in the mood to carry a book bag I will put my e-reader in my purse and that’s it!

Capacity and Downloads:
The e-reader can hold up to about 10,000 books! So far I have downloaded about 20 books. I catagorize my books by genre and that feature works perfectly!
There are also 100’s of free classic books available for download.

Currently on my Kobo I have a pink case that has a big heart in the middle! It has a strap to secure and cover it and corner elastic felt protectors so it doesn’t fall out! The case is $45 at indigo but I had a 50% off coupon so I used it on that.

Overall this e-reader is wonderful and is a great way to expand your library on buying books for less!

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Divergent Movie Review

On March 29th I went to see Divergent with my dad. I read the full trilogy in a span of 3 weeks. The Divergent trilogy is one of my favourite trilogys’ to date! My dad has never read the books and went into the movie totally blind sided.
This review will be from both mine and my dads perspectives, split up.

My thoughts:
I thought that the movie was a great retelling of the movie.
My favourite scenes were:
Ferris Wheel
Shut Down of program (last scene)
Mother meeting her privetly
Tobias’ Fear-landscape
Tris’s Aptitude Test
Choosing Ceremony

Dad’s Thoughts:
“I have seen a lot of violent movies. This by far was this most violent one.”
Favourite Scene:
Parents saying that they will love them no matter what they choose

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