Choosing Your Next Book!

Choosing your next book can be a very big challenge (and a very important one may I add). I go through a lot of steps to find my next book. Here they are!

1. Watching BookTube Videos and seeing what your favorite booktubers are loving!

2. Finding a genre you are very interested in reading at the moment.

3. Once finding a book you like search up book reviews on YouTube and go on Goodreads to see what everyone else has to say about it.

4. Choose if you want to buy the hardback or paperback version of the book (or if it is a series that you think you will really like; buy the boxset).

5. Go out and buy the book!

Those are my steps for finding your next read! If you find a book you like please recommend it to me in the comments!

Good Night Book Worms!

What are your thoughts?

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