November Book Fair!

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m going to share with you a fun bookish event going on at my school!

Also, quick shout out to my Mom, who’s birthday is today (Nov. 23) as I right this, although you will all probably see this on Tuesday. She is a huge fan of my blog, and I love and appreciate her so much!

On Nov. 24 – Nov. 26, my school is holding a Scholastic book fair! As always, I will be doing a Book Haul at the end of the event!

This is very bitter sweet for me, as it’ll be my last book fair as a student at the school. Although, one of my very best friends Jordyn (who should be reading this, so hiiii) has 2 younger sisters so this shouldn’t be my last book fair at the school!

I’m so excited for the event! I was helping my librarian set it up, and it looks awesome! I love how Schloastic is producing a lot more Young Adult books, plus the ones they publish are always so good!

I will try to get a few pictures of it, and I will hopefully have a “Scholastic Book Fair November 2015 Setup” post for you tomorrow.

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See you then… Happy reading.

Good Night Book Owls!


Hi everyone!

Today, I have some really exciting news! I was nominated for “Best Book Blog of 2015: Young Adult”. I’m so honored to be nominated in this category along with a few other awesome blogs!

Thru November 15, 2015 – December 31, 2015 You can vote for me using this link.

Here’s what I said about it on my Instagram, @readingreadingreading:

Hi everyone! I have some very exciting news! My book blog has been nominated for “Best Book Blog of 2015: Young Adult”! It would mean the world to me tomorrow if you vote for my blog! I will have the link to vote in the description tomorrow, and I will come back here and remind you about it! Let me know in the comment if you think you’ll be voting. Thanks for the continued love and support! #BookBlogAwards2015

In all of my posts, I will put a link to vote, so if you forget you can easily access the link!

Thank you all for visiting my blog over the past year and a half, it means the world to me to even be considered to be on this list!

I hope that you will vote for me, and all of the other bloggers in the different categories!

Good Night Book Owls!

Book Release Day: Winter by Marissa Meyer!

Hi everyone!

Long time, no post! I have been SO SO SO busy with school that I haven’t had anytime to post anything! I’m currently working on daily blog posts for December, so please let me know any requests for Winter/Holiday blog posts you have!

winter book


It has been so long since I dived into a book from The Lunar Chronicles Series, besides Fairest! I am SO excited to dive into this book once I finish Binge by Tyler Oakley.

The picture above is from my Instagram, which you should definitely follow! Mobile: @readingreadingreading Computer:

Here’s a link to Marissa Meyer’s release day post on her blog!

Here’s a link to my review on Fairest by Marissa Meyer!

I plan on making an entire series review post, so let me know if you’re interested in seeing that!

I’m so happy to be getting back in the bloggy swing of things! Let me know if you plan on picking up Winter in the comments!

Good Night Book Owls!