June Wrap-Up

Hi everyone!

Today, I will be sharing with you my very sad June Wrap-Up!

As I said previously, I only read one book this month.

That book is Kissing in America by Margo Rabb, and sadly I REALLY didn’t enjoy this book. My review will be up soon.

Hopefully, you all had a wonderful time reading this month. Next month, I hope to read more!

Good Night Book Owls!

Where have I been? Please read.

Today will be a very interesting post, and one that you will probably never see again.

For the past FEW months, not just this one, blogging has been a chore for me. I feel like instead of saying “Yay! I’m blogging!” I have been saying “I have to go for a few minutes to post.” See the difference?

This has also been the problem with reading just this past month. Tomorrow, I will be posting my June Wrap-Up, and let’s just say, this months wrap-up is not like me. I feel like I’m reading for the blog and not for me, I have read to many ARCs, and am very overwhelmed by how many I still have to read. For this reason, I will not be excepting and ARCs unless they are from big authors, brands or publishers. I’m very sorry if that does not sound fair, but that is going to be what I will have to do.

I have also not really been in the mood to do anything related to this blog, because I started something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time (if you’ve stuck with me since the beginning you probably know what I mean). I will not be sharing the link to it, as it is not related to books.

But don’t worry, I’m not leaving! New posts will be up weekly, and I will have a post later this week explaining my new blogging schedule, but until then, daily posts will be up!

I’m really close to 100 followers, and I have worked 1 and 1/2 years to get here! I never would’ve thought that I would ever reach 100 followers, but I’m so glad that almost 100 of you like my blog! A thank you post will be up once I hit it! Please share my blog link to anyone who you think will enjoy it!

Anyways, sorry for this rambly post, you won’t be seeing another one anytime soon!

Good Night Book Owls!

True or False Bookish Edition + GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone!

Today, we will be playing bookish true of false, as well as a wonderful giveaway sponsored by Penguin Canada!


  1. Random House is the LARGEST publishing company in the world. TRUE OR FALSE?
  2. Penguin and Random House merged together in 2014. TRUE OR FALSE?
  3. 1,052,803 were published in the USA in 2009. TRUE OR FALSE?


Our biggest and best giveaway will include a tote bag and book from Penguin Canada!


You will be getting a #KeepYAWeird tote bag and a copy of The Truth Commission!

To enter, comment your answers to the 3 true or false questions! Winners will be picked RANDOMLY and this giveaway will be international!

Go to the “Welcome to Game Week” post, to see the official rules!

Good Night Book Owls!

Game Week: What Would You Do if you had $1000 for Books Only? + GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone!

Today, I am doing another giveaways, but I won’t be the one facilitating the game, YOU WILL BE!

In the comments below, I want you to tell me what you would do if you had $1000 ONLY FOR BOOKS, that will be your entry for the giveaway!


This post will be giving away ONE PressKit from Angela Townsend! Angela Townsend is the author of The Forlorned, and her book is actually being made into a movie! The Presskit will include: a folder and documents about the cast, plus a full page magazine about the movie! Checkout the official website: http://theforlorned.com/.

Book Cover:

Movie Poster:

This giveaway will be international!

Please check back to the “Welcome to Game Week” post, to see the official rules!

Don’t forget to comment!

Good Night Book Lions!


Hi everyone!

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you a few fun bookish dares that you can do!

  1. Tweet an author saying “I wanna be the bookmark to your book.”
  2. Take a screan shot of an author being weird and create a funny meme for it!
  3. Create a fanfic for 2 characters in a different book and send it to the author(s).
  4. Cosplay as your favourite character and video tape you reenacting your favourite scene that the character is in!

Comment down below with what dare you would do someday, and you could win a book from the Clean Teen Publishing Website! Go back to the Game Week announcement book to view the rules! This giveaway is international!

Good Night Book Owls!

GAME WEEK: Burn, Re-Write, Re-Read + GIVEAWAY (OPEN!)

Hi everyone!

Today, we are going to be playing Burn, Re-Write, Re-Read! And of course, read till the end for a GIVEAWAY!

Basically, I will be giving you 5 sets of 3 books and you will have to tell me in the comments your answer to ONE of the sets of books, and which ones you would B, RW, or RR!

Let’s get started!

  1. The Fault in Our Stars, The Land of Stories, Divergent
  2. If I Stay, Since You’ve Been Gone, Second Chance Summer
  3. Kissing in America, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Dorothy Must Die
  4. The Boyfriend List, Cinder, Fairest
  5. Cress, The Hunger Games, Mockingjay


Yesterday, I introduced the first giveaway, which was Lila Felix’s book Dethroning Crown! Well, if you are interested in that book or want some Lila Felix Swag, this giveaway is for you!

You have a chance of winning 1/15 SIGNED POSTCARDS FROM LILA FELIX HERSELF!

Please go back to my original “Welcome to Game Week” post to see the official rules!

To win, please comment down below what YOU would do for ONE set of the 3 book titles!

Good Night Book Owls!

GAME WEEK: Bookish True or False + GIVEAWAY (OPEN!)

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the first post of the Reading, reading, READING Game Week! You can have fun playing games and win awesome prizes while doing it!

For this post, there will be 5 true or false questions, and whoever gets the closest to all of the correct answers wins! Comment down below with your answers once your finished. And of course, if you win I will contact you with your prize! Plus, they will be 5 WINNERS today! Woot woot!!!

Let’s get started!

  1. Cinder by Marissa Meyer was a nanowrimo novel, before being published. TRUE OR FALSE?
  2. Books are printed in Hardcovers when they’re first published, and than will be printed to paperback covers (United States) (most of the time). TRUE OR FALSE?
  3. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green was a book BASED ON a movie. Therefore, the book came out AFTER the movie. TRUE OR FALSE?
  4. Harry Potter and the Philosiphers/Sorcers Stone was released in 1997. TRUE OR FALSE?
  5. Divergent is a classic novel. TRUE OR FALSE?

NOW, write your answers in the comment section! Whoever gets closest to all the correct answers, and comments the right answers before anyone else wins! Again, you can enter until Sunday June 21, 2015 11:59 pm EST. Even if other people have the right answers, comment what YOU believe is right, and you could possibly win!


YOU will be able to win 1 of 5 E-BOOK copies of Dethroning Crown by Lila Felix!


Number ten is plastered on his team jersey and on his ego. In his own mind, Crown Sterling is the shit. He dates the prettiest women, he dominates on the soccer field, he pours money out of his pockets like it’s water. Until a debilitating knee injury puts him out of commission on and off the field. He’s sent to an isolated town in Louisiana to recoup, undergo physical therapy and heal. But it’s when you’re down that you find out who your real friends are, and what they value in you, if anything at all. All Lyra wants out of life is peace and quiet. She grew up with a regular, everyday family. When she turned sixteen, rummaging through her grandmother’s hope chest in the attic, she discovered a secret that would turn her simple, normal life into a ball of chaos that revolved around her. But while she seems to face her fears head on in her career, she lives a life that’s secure and well hidden. A new neighbor moved in next door and he’s decided that everyone needs to listen to his rap music, shattering Lyra’s quiet existence. Enraged, she stomps to the next townhouse over and who should open the door but a man whose good looks and charming smile knock her breathless.

How good looking? Just ask him.
How charming? He’ll tell you that too.
The king must be dethroned.
And a small town girl who’s been through hell is just the one to do it. 
Make sure you play in all of the games this week and win exciting prizes!

Good Night Book Owls!


Hi everyone!

Today, I am announcing the huge epic week that I have planned out for months! That’s why posts have been so short! 

This week, we will be playing tons of fun games, and along with every game! You can win a HUGE EPIC PRIZE! We have prizes from Penguin Books, Clean Teen Publishing and MORE!


  1. You must be following/subscribed to my blog! That way, you will see when the winners are announced!
  2. You must follow the instructions on what to comment on the blog post for the giveaway you will be entering.
  3. Each giveaway will have different shipping rules, so look out for those before you enter!
  4. EVERY giveaway will end on Sunday June 21 2015 at approximately 11:59 pm EST. That way, you will have an extra week to enter any giveaways if you missed a few. Winners will be announced on either Monday June 22, 2015 or Tuesday June 21, 2015!
  5. You can enter any giveaways you want, as well as more than one! Feel free to enter all! I know you’ll want to!

I hope that you guys will be excited to play each game and win epic prizes! See you tomorrow for the first game and prize!

Good Night Book Owls!

SNEAK PEEK of the Week Ahead!

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m going to give you a super fun sneak peek of the week ahead!

This week, we are going to be having a ton of fun! You can win prizes for your blog, like featuring you in a shout-out Sunday, a free e-book and much more! All you have to do to win, is do what it says at the bottom of the post!

This week will probably be one of the best weeks on my blog EVER! So check back everyday for new goodies!

Good Night Book Owls!

Currently Reading (06/13)!

Hi Everyone!

Today, I will be sharing the with you what I am currently reading, and what I will be reading for the week ahead!

I’m currently in a middle grade mood, so I thought that this book would be perfect! This book doesn’t  come out until OCTOBER! But, I was graciously sent this book by Penguin Canada to read and review, and it looks like a good one!

This book came out last month, and I’m pretty excited to read it, although it sounds more Adult than Young Adult. I was sent this book by my team at Simon and Schuster Canada to read and review, and I will be doing just that!

I hope that you guys liked seeing what I will be reading! Let me know in the comments below what you will be reading, too!

Good Night Book Owls!