True or False Bookish Edition + GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone!

Today, we will be playing bookish true of false, as well as a wonderful giveaway sponsored by Penguin Canada!


  1. Random House is the LARGEST publishing company in the world. TRUE OR FALSE?
  2. Penguin and Random House merged together in 2014. TRUE OR FALSE?
  3. 1,052,803 were published in the USA in 2009. TRUE OR FALSE?


Our biggest and best giveaway will include a tote bag and book from Penguin Canada!


You will be getting a #KeepYAWeird tote bag and a copy of The Truth Commission!

To enter, comment your answers to the 3 true or false questions! Winners will be picked RANDOMLY and this giveaway will be international!

Go to the “Welcome to Game Week” post, to see the official rules!

Good Night Book Owls!

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