The Land of Stories 3: Cover Reveal!

The Land of Stories 3: Cover Reveal!

Hi Book Worms!

I’m very sorry for the lack of posts! I got back from a 7-day trip from Walt Disney World 2 weeks ago, and am feeling big time Post-Disney Depression!

Anyways, if you guys didn’t know my favorite books and book series of all-time is TLOS by Chris Colfer. Even though this cover was released 2 weeks ago, I did not see it until yesterday! This is his 3rd but not yet final book in TLOS series!

I love the ruby red colored cover, and think it looks beautiful!

If you have read both previous books in TLOS series here is a link with USA Today’s interview with Chris and an Intro to his new book. Click here to see it:

That’s it for tonight’s post!
See you soon!

Good Night Book Worms!

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