The Book Cake Tag

Hey guys!
I recently stumbled upon, my favourite BookTuber Ariel Bissetts’, new video! It is called “The Book Cake Tag!”.
I decided that I would do it blog style! Lets get started!

This TAG is based upon ingredients you need to bake a perfect cake!

1. Flour
A book that was slow to start off but picked up as it went along.
I believe that book for me is “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. I have not yet finished reading this book as the beginning is a bit slow but as I kept reading it got quicker! I hope to finish this sometime soon!

2. Butter
A book that has a really “rich” and great plot.
A believe this book for me is “Dorothy Must Die” by Danielle Paige. I am currently reading this book and am loving it! The plot and main focus is amazing! It is a brand new book that came out April 1(2014)! Definitely pick this book up if you haven’t all ready!

3. Eggs
A book that you thought was going to be bad, but turned out quite enjoyable.
I believe that book is “City of Bones: Book One in the Mortal Instruments Series” by Cassandra Clare. This book is definitely not one of my favourites but the ending was my favourite part! The plot twists were excellent and very enjoyable!

4. Sugar
A sugary/sweet book.
This book is definitely hard for me to think about as I don’t read much romance. I believe that in the future this book will be “Whatever Happened To Goodbye?” by Sarah Dessen. I have not yet read this book but I own it and it sounds very intriguing.

5. Icing
A book that covered every single element that you enjoy of a book.
This book is “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. I read this book series in November and loved the action!

6. Sprinkles
A book series that you turn turn when you’re feeling down.
This book for me is definitely “The Land Of Stories” by Chris Colfer. As you may know, this is my favourite book of all time. I absolutely love Fairytales and am a Disney Geek by heart. This book was spectacular and I recommend it to all!

7. Cherry on Top
Your favourite book this year so far.
So far my favourite book this year has been “Scarlet” by Marrissa Meyers. This is the second book in “The Lunar Chronicles” book series. Of course I loved the first book “Cinder” but I loved “Scarlet” even more! It was way more action packed and more contemporary!

That’s it for tonight!
Good Night Book Worms!

What are your thoughts?

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