February Flurries: Quick Thought #8: ARCs/Review Books


Hi everyone,

Today, I’m going to discussing ARCs/Review Books, which I get FAQs about.

What is an ARC or Review Book?

An ARC is an Advanced Reading Copy of a book that is given to bloggers/reviewers/youtubers to read, review and publicize, even before it comes out! A great marketing strategy if you ask me!

How do I qualify to read an ARC?

Most of the time, you should be somebody considered as “press”. Basically, that means that you publicize books regularly, and specifically online. Although, some companies enjoy having everyday readers review books, not knowing the hype that surrounds them.

Who do I contact?

On most publishers sites, they will have a contact me page, and they provide email addresses for book reviewers. Most will get back to you within a couple of days. Normally, people would supply contact info here, but since I live in Canada, it won’t be the same for the rest of you. If you are canadian and interested in contact info for different publishers, please email me at alyssacohen@readingreadingreading.com.

Tips for Reading/Reviewing ARCs

  • Try to review the book around the time it comes out, I usually aim to post my review on its release day. Anytime during the publication month would be fine in general, I believe.
  • If you don’t read books you are sent, publishers won’t want to send them to you!
  • Remember, these are NOT free books. Publishing houses pay money to print and ship them, and it is your job to read and review them. Blogging is getting PAID in books, always remember that!
  • DO NOT take EVERY book you are offered, unless you know that you will read them/have an interest in them! (Trust me on this one… I learned the hard way!)
  • Create a review policy page (like I have here), so that publishing houses know what you are interested in reading and reviewing.
  • When you are finished reading the book and have posted your review, send a link to the publishing house/publicist that sent it to you. They will appreciate it, and most will repost it on Twitter for more readers to read!

I hope that you enjoyed this quick thought of ARC’s/Review Books!

See you guys tomorrow!
Good Night Book Lions!

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