Alyssa Searches Search Terms #1

Hi everyone!

Today, I am writing my first installment in my new series “Alyssa Searches Search Terms”! I love reading Ashley’s version, so I had to create my own! Credits to her for the awesome idea!

Alyssa Searches Search Terms is a series where I will be going through my search terms (6 per post) used on my blog, and be reacting/responding to them. For a few, I may answer them correctly but for the others I will be kind of “sassy”. The search terms are not modified and are exactly as searched in the search box. This should be fun! Let’s get started!

  • book tower challenge questions

1.) A first book in a series.
2.) A second book in a different series.
3.) A book with blue on the cover.
4.) A book that’s title is 7 letters long. No more, no less.
5.) A book you’ve never read.
6.) A book with the sky on it.
7.) An author with the same first letter of their forename as yours (for me that would be J for Joel eg. J.K Rowling).
8.) A classic.
9.) A non-fiction.
10.) A book with four or more colours on its spine.
11.) A book that says “#1 New York Times Bestseller” on the front… yes these are very precise things you need to find.
12.) The smallest (smallest width and length, not just by pages) book on your shelf.
13.) The latest book you bought (if you bought more than one at once, just pick one of those at random).
14). A book that has a cover with a face on it.
15.) A spin-off book.
16.) A book that was published over 10 years ago.
17.) A book with a sequel coming out next year.
18.) An author who has got the same first letter of their forename as their surname.
19.) A book with an epilogue.
20.) And lastly, a book that has a title that features a made up word.

  • book tower challenge

I’ve done it twice!


  • crush your tbr

I’ve participated in this readathon! Read about it here.

  • free book giveaway

One will be coming up soon!

  • caring emojis

What does this mean?! Does it have anything to do with books…? I didn’t think so!

  • 2015 popsugar reading challenge help

I’m sorry that you’re not doing so well! Maybe try bookish therapy.

That’s it for the first installment in Alyssa Searches Search Terms! I hope you enjoyed it!

Good Night Book Owls!

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