Alyssa’s Reviews – In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World by Joey Graceffa (ARC)

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m going to be writing a book review for Joey Graceffa’s debut memoir, In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World.

Synopsis (taken from Simon and Schuster Canada):

A confessional, uplifting memoir from the beloved YouTube personality.
It’s not where you begin that matters.
It’s where you end up.
Twenty-three year old Joey Graceffa has captured the hearts of millions of teens and young adults through his playful, sweet, and inspirational YouTube presence (not to mention his sparkling eyes and perfect hair). Yet, Joey wasn’t always comfortable in his skin, and in this candid memoir, he thoughtfully looks back on his journey from pain to pride, self-doubt to self-acceptance.
To his fans, Joey is that best friend who always captures the brighter side of life but also isn’t afraid to get real. In the pages of his first book, he opens up about his years of struggling with family hardships and troubles at school, with cruel bullying and the sting of rejection. He tells of first loves and losses, embarrassing moments and surprising discoveries, loneliness, laughter, and life-changing forks in the road, showing us the incalculable value of finally finding and following your true passion in this world. Funny, warm-hearted, and inspiring, Joey Graceffa’s story is a welcome reminder that it’s not where you begin that matters, but where you end up.

I enjoyed this book immensely. I was not a huge Joey Graceffa youtube viewer, but I occasionally watched some of his videos, and the ones I watched I LOVED.

I remember back in April, I received in email from Simon and Schuster Canada, and it was right when I finished a Math Unit Exam, and I needed a “breather”. I went on my iPad and saw an email about review Joey Graceffas’ new book, and I was ecstatic. How many people can say that they received a copy of an infamous YouTubers’ book? Not many!

While reading this book, I was hooked from the moment it started. I found a video of Joey Graceffa and some of his youtube friends reading the prologue of the book, and I watched it the night that I accepted the review email. Before reviewing the book, I searched through his channel to find some popular videos, and I instantly fell in love with his charisma and personality (those traits showed throughout his book as well).

I ended up reading this book in less than 24 hours. Yes, it was that amazing!

I also found it very heartfelt when he was mentioning stories about his mother. Although I do not have a troubled childhood, I loved when Joey shared more of his life with us.

Also, if you have seen this video, then you will know about the HUGE surprise that he shared through his book and music video. Which for me wasn’t to shocking.

Overall, I highly enjoyed this book and would give it all of the stars in the world. But, since that is impossible, I gave it 5/5 stars!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this book review. Thank you to the crew at Simon and Schuster Canada for giving me wonderful opportunities like these, it inspires me more then you will ever know.

Good Night Book Owls!

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