Alyssa’s Reviews – Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson (ARC)

Hey everyone!
I’m so excited to do this review! I’ve been waiting to put it up for a while now! This was one of my most anticipated books and definitley did not dissapoint! Tomorrow the book will be out for the public! This is my first Morgan Matson book and I’m so excited to read more of her books soon!

I received an ARC copy of this book an exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinions/feelings of this book, what so ever!

Emily and Sloane were best friends. They did everything togethers and stayed by each others side no matter what. This summer was going to be the most EPIC summer ever! But not anymore. Sloanes’ been gone for 2 weeks and hasn’t told anyone, YET. One night, when Emily comes home she finds an envelope with no return address. All that is inside is a checklist written in Sloanes’ handwriting? Will this help Emily find Sloane? With the help of Emily’s new found friends, will she be able to find Sloane?

This is definitely one of my favourite books of 2014, or for that mind, ever. This book is absolutely spectacular. It has all the wants of contemporary and needs of adventure! The characters were so funny! Dawn, Emily’s new found friend is my favourite charcter; she’s so sweet and has an amazing freindship story with Emily! Overall 1000/5 stars for me! I loved it so much and will definitely be picking up another one of Morgan Matsons Books anytime soon!

Good Night Book Worms!

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