BookTubeAThon Day 1: Success or Failure?

I hope you have all been enjoy BookTubeAThon! Here is my update on what I read and MORE!

Books I Read:

Today I finished 2 books! I finished reading Two Truths and a Lie, as well as reading 2/3 of the stories in Let It Snow.

Two truths and a lie had a great ending. Needless to say, the book was quite boring (which was not a suprise, the 2nd was quite boring as well). Although, I enjoyed the flashbacks the most out of the first two. They explained alot which was helpful to us readers, in order to figure out more clues on who killed Sutton.

Let it Snow has been an amazing book for me to read. This holiday season I am going to read more “chill” books (rather then murder or death). In the first story of the book, I grasped the characters opinions in order to relate to my own life or similar experience. I loved both the boy and girl and the relation ship together. The second story was more difficult for me to grasp. I loved the romantic feel in the first story. The second story was more adventurous then romantic. The factor of adventure wasn’t a bad thing, nor if I wanted to read an adventurous novel I would not have chosen this book. Needless to say the relation “dude” and the other boy came together slowly, but surely. I love the aspect of the storys connecting at the “Waffle House”. I thought that it would have been so much better if the charcters from the first and second story come together.


I got a chance to participate with 3 sprinter activites. The first was 15 min., then 10 min., then 20 min. I read alot more then this on my own though. I go on twitter using my personal account but I am thinking of making a twitter account to connect with you guys (I’ll tell you when it’s up and running)!

So, was today a Success or a Faiure? SUCCESS!

I hope you are enjoying BookTubeAThon as much as I am!

Good Night Book Worms!

What are your thoughts?

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