BookTubeAThon Day 2: Success or Failure?

I hope you had a good BookTubeAThon day (unlike me)! TBH, I was not in the mood for reading so I was a really big book worm lacker.


Today I finished the last story of Let it Snow and read 2 chapter of City of Bones (First book of the Mortal Instruments Series).

The last story of Let it Snow was cute, but sadly I wasn’t focused in it. I may have to do a re-read for it tomorrow.

City of Bones seems AMAZING! Then again, I’ve only read the first 2 chapters so I haven’t really formed an ABSOLUTE opinion (I’ll get a better opinion tomorrow, I hope).


I participated in a ton of sprinters! But sadly, I only read during the sprinters, so I read for about 2 hours 😦

Tommorow I hope to read a lot more! Which I probably will because there’s an ice storm coming in my area soon, so it’s going to be a skating rink outside tomorrow!

So, was today a Success or Failure: FAILURE!

Hope your enjoying BookTubeAThon so far!

Good Night Book Worms!

What are your thoughts?

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