Hey guys!

This year (my first year), I’m going to be participating in book-tube a-thon! 

What is Book-Tube A-Thon?

Book tube a thon is when you get to read as many books as you possibly can between certain dates! This years dates are December 20 until December 22nd! It’s starts whenever 12:00 is your time zone! GET YOUR READING ON! They (book tube a thon comitte) also have a twitter account where they do sprinters and interact with participants! There twitter is:!

What books do I want to read during the course of book tube a thon?

My goal for this year is, 1-2 books per day! I want to read:

Two truths and a Lie (finish it up)

The fault in our stars 


The book theif


Those are all the books I want to read during Book-Tube A-Thon!

Leave a comment down below telling me which books you want to read during this event!


Good Night Book Worms!

What are your thoughts?

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