5-Star Predictions: Spring 2019 Releases

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Since I have just gotten back into the swing of reading frequently (see here if you’re confused as to why I have not been posting/reading a lot lately), I don’t have any reviews to share with you just yet. However, I still wanted to write a post to share with all of you! Recently, I have been receiving and picking up quite a few books that I am really looking forward to reading and think that I will LOVE! And since I have been wanting to create a “5-Star Predictions” series on my blog, I think that now is the perfect time to start it!

In each 5-star predictions post, I will be sharing my Top-Five 5-star predictions from new ARCs/releases that I have in my possession that I think will be 5-star reads! I will try to make one 5-star prediction post for every season, especially since I already have some 5-star predictions for the season of Summer! After I have read all 5-books that I mentioned in this post, I will make a recap post and share if these books were, in fact, 5-star reads or not (although, if you constantly read my posts, then you will most likely see reviews of all of these books over the next few months, so you will know if it was a 5-star read in advance!).

The 5-star predictions featured below are put in an order from which one releases first, second, and so on, since that is the order I will most likely read them in.

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through these links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I will collect a small commission. Any books that I have received for free from publishers or authors, have been clearly identified when mentioned in the post.


“There’s A Word For That” by Sloane Tanen was sent to me from Hachette Book Group Canada, and I believe that it will be a 5-star read! I am SO excited to read this one, especially since I LOVE books featuring a large family with an interesting family dynamic. In this case, the characters in the book actually end up coming together in a rehab centre, after they have all gone through their own personal issues. If that doesn’t sound like a great family-based book, I don’t know what does!


“Love & Other Curses” by Michael Thomas Ford was sent to me from HarperCollins Canada Frenzy (teen division), and I believe that this book will be a 5-star read! This one has been sitting on my shelf since December, and every time I look at it, it intrigues me more and more! I don’t know much about this book, other than the fact that the main characters family is cursed, and if they fall in love with anyone before their seventeenth birthday, the person they love will die. How tragic! I’m super excited to read this one!!


My next 5-star prediction is “You Must Not Miss” by Katrina Leno“You Must Not Miss” by Katrina Leno, which was sent to me from Hachette Book Group Canada. I literally know nothing about this book, but I believe it is a YA Mystery/Thriller, which is my favourite genre to read! I have heard phenomenal things about this book so far, and it seems very intriguing to me!


As many of you are aware, “Again, But Better” by Christine Riccio is one of my most anticipated books of the year, and since it comes out in May, I obviously had to include it in this post! Christine Riccio (a.k.a. PolandBananas Books) is one of my favourite BookTubers, and the first one I ever watched. Therefore, I was ecstatic to receive an ARC from Raincoast Canada, and am unbelievably excited to read this one!!!


My last 5-star prediction of the Spring is “In the Neighborhood of True” by Susan Kaplan Carlton. While this book is scheduled to release in April, it is last on my list since I plan on reading it in May, as May is “Jewish History Month” in both Canada and the USA. I was beyond surprised to find a book that focuses on a Jewish teen girl that does not involve the Holocaust. Thanks to Algonquin Young Readers for an eARC of this novel!


Since I have only featured four physical books, I thought that it would be smart to feature a “bonus” book that is on my TBR backlist. If you haven’t heard of “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and are actively involved in the bookish online community, than you must be living under a rock (or in a book)! While I am not a big fan of books that focus on celebrities, I have heard fantastic things about this novel, and I hope to read it sometime this Spring!


These are all of my 5-star book predictions for the season of Spring! Do you have any books that you are highly anticipating this season? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Night Book Owls!

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