Quick update!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. over the past week or so. I got really sick last week and wasn’t able to post anything on here or on Instagram. I had two pre-scheduled posts prepared for the week, however I was only able to post one (you can read it here), because the publisher I was posting the second post for sent me an email in the early hours of the day the post was scheduled to go live, saying that they were no longer working on the project I was going to promote for them (to say I was upset about getting three hours notice is an understatement). That’s basically why I haven’t been posting. There have also been A LOT of technical issues I’ve been trying to work out, which explains why you’ve probably been getting emails from my blog with a title but no content (this should be fixed now).

Since I’ve been sick, I also haven’t been reading. It’s the eleventh day of the month and I still haven’t read one full book yet! Since this week is March break/spring break, I hope to get quite a bit of reading done. Regular content will resume in a few days when I have a review to post!!!

Good night book owls!

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