Alyssa Searches Search Terms #3

Hi everyone!

A while back I started writing posts for a series called “Alyssa Searches Search Terms” and I thought it would be fun to continue on the trend!

Alyssa Searches Search Terms is a series where I will be going through my search terms (6 per post) used on my blog, and be reacting/responding to them. For a few, I may answer them correctly but for the others I will be kind of “sassy”. The search terms are not modified and are exactly as searched in the search box. This should be fun! Let’s get started!

most disappointing books of 2015

If you want to read about my most disappointing books of last year, click here!

who says you cant do it read online free

Oh, but you can read online for free (illegally of course, therefore I don’t condone it!)!

interview readingreading blog

Sadly, nobody has asked me to do any interviews lately!

daniel chidiac ku mund ta gjelme

Who?! If you mean Daniel Chidiac, click here.

queen levana without glamour

I WISH I could see her without glamour!

becky g and harry styles stories

I think you’ve come to the wrong place!

I hope you have enjoyed my third post in the searching search terms series! Let me know if you ever get weird search terms leading to your blog, or which term you thought was the funniest!

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Good Night Book Owls!

What are your thoughts?

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