Reading, Reading, Reading Turns 3!

Hi everyone!

Three years ago today, I published my first ever blog post on Reading, Reading, Reading!

This blog has definitely changed my life for the better, and I am forever grateful to those who have stuck by me through it all!

Like last year, I’d like to thank you a few people for making me always feel motivated to write my blog posts! Firstly my lovely parents who comment on almost every single blog post. Next, my wonderful friends! Finally all of the amazing publishing houses I’m in contact with! Simon and Schuster for being the first publishing house to let me read and review books for. Harper Collins Canada for the amazing tweets, ARCs and Frenzy events. Penguin Canada for the amazing books. Raincoast Teen for the amazing events and monthly newsletters. Clean Teen Publishing for the awesome experiences and Facebook group! I’m sure I’m missing a few, but thanks to every single one of you!

A big thank you goes out to my Book Owls for all of the support I have had on this blog. I love you all!

In the upcoming year of 2017, I am going to try and post on a schedule so I don’t leave you all hanging with what I’m doing. I will be sharing with you my schedule and the future of this blog in January, and you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you all for the amazing times on Reading, Reading, Reading and I am looking forward to some amazing memories to come!

Good Night Book Owls!

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