The Week of ReadAThons (Bout of Books 13.0, Biannual Bibliothon and #AYearAThon TBR)!

Hey guys!

Welcome to today’s SECOND post of the day! I normally never do these, but today’s is a rare case! I just watched a video by one of my favourite book tubers, little book owl! It was all of the readathons happening in 2015 (here’s the video:, and there appears to be THREE this week!

Although, this week is my Creating a Blog Series week! So, I decided to post this as well, but this time the daily updates will be going on my facebook page,!

The first readathon happening is a BRAND NEW one! It’s called the Biannual Bibliothon! It’s happening for January 4-10! Yes, TOMORROW! Here’s the link to the official video:

The second one is the Bout of Books 12.0 Readathon! It’s happening on January 5-11! Yes, MONDAY! Here’s the official blog:!

The third and (luckily) final one is the #AYearAThon, this months is Stand Alones! It’s happening on January 5-11! Yes, MONDAY! Personally, #AYearAThons are one of my favourite readathons, as they happen every month and are always a different theme!

As you can see, ALL of these readathons are happening on the same week! So that this doesn’t happen again, I will be making a blog post next week of ALL of the readathons happening in 2015!

Here’s my TBR for each and every one of them!

  1. Everything Leads to You by Nina La Cour
  2. Fan Art by Sarah Tregay
  3. More Than This by Patrick Ness
  4. The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Those are actually all of the books I want to read in January, so we’ll see how many I can get through! I definitely should be able to finish Everything Leads to You by Nina La Cour, as I’m almost half way done (and loving it)!

Are you guys participating in any of these readathons? Let me know in the comments! Good Night Book Worms!

4 thoughts on “The Week of ReadAThons (Bout of Books 13.0, Biannual Bibliothon and #AYearAThon TBR)!

  1. Hi, there! 🙂

    Wow! I had no idea there would be more than one read-a-thon happening this week! I’m only participating in Bout of Books — and that’s because I decided to join last minute. Still, I’m excited to connect with other readers and of course, read as much as possible. I can’t wait to see how you do this week! Good luck & enjoy!

    • Hi Marlene,
      I hope you have fun reading to! I will be posting a wrap up of this weeks reads! I’m currently half way done Fan Art and its so good! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting, I really appreciate it!

  2. So glad you’re joining in on Bout of Books!! I see you have Patrick Ness in your TBR pile – I have one of his books waiting for me on my kindle 😃 Have fun this week!!

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