Creating a Blog Series!

Hi everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR (again…)!

I’ve really been loving creating series’s that people enjoy! Since my Holiday Reading Series was a huge hit, I decided to make a new one!

Inspired by the New Year, this one will be focusing on how to maintain a successful blog! I have a book blog, therefore I will be gearing towards those types of blogs, but if you don’t have a book blog, stick around! These tips may also apply to you!

Here’s the line up:

January 4: Coming Up With a Topic/Theme

January 5: Appearance DOES Matter (How to Make Your Blog Eye Catching)!

January 6: Setting Up Social Media

January 7: Scheduling Posts

January 8: What do I post (Weekly Meme’s)?

Those are going to be all of the posts in the week of the “Creating a Blog” series! I hope you guys will appreciate this and are excited to here my tips! Although, I am in NO WAY a blogging expert, but I feel that my tips can help you guys out a little bit!

Happy Reading!

Good Night Book Lions!

What are your thoughts?

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