Creating a Blog: Themes and Topics

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the first installment of my creating a blog series!

Today I’m going to walk you through picking a theme and topic!

**Before reading this, please be aware that I’m NO EXPERT on blogs, themes, or topics. Many of my viewers and friends have asked me several questions about creating a blog, and I wanted to make a step by step guide on how to do just that!**


Before creating a blog, you want to think of a topic that you personally enjoy and have a passion of doing. The topics can be anything from baking to beauty, or reading to writing. ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Most people think that choosing a topic that readers want to read will get you more views and/or follows, although that may not be true. People can tell when your interested in what you are doing rather than just putting out content. Believe me, its true!


A theme is the design base of your blog. Some people say not to judge anything by the way it looks, but most people do. You want to create something that is eye catching and that people will want to come back to. You want to make the design something that YOU enjoy and something that if YOU were the reader, YOU would come back to!

I also would recommend putting your style and personality into your blog! All of my friends personally, know that I have a HUGE obsession with owls, so I really wanted to showcase that into my blog. Sometimes people would say to me, “Oh your blog is about books and has that huge owl on top.” I’m not even kidding!

Tomorrow, we will go a little bit more in depth on eye catching blogs!

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips and tricks for, themes and topics!

Good Night Book Lions!

What are your thoughts?

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