2021 Reading Goals

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

At the beginning of every year, I sit down and make a list of my yearly goals. Some change and some stay the same, but it is always fun to set goals and try to accomplish them throughout the next twelve months. For the past few years, I have been setting my own reading goals and sharing them with you. Sometimes they include goals relating to my blog or social media accounts, but this year, they are all related to books and reading!

GOAL #1: Read 24 Books

This year, I am going to worry less about how many books I read each month, and worry more about picking books that I think I will enjoy. By choosing the reading goal of completing 24 books this year, that means I will only have to read two books a year to complete it, making me stress less about the number of books and more about reading good picks!

GOAL #2: Quality over Quantity

I often find myself picking either shorter books or books that everyone else is reading during specific times of the year, regardless of if I believe I will genuinely enjoy the book or not. This year, I am going to try my hardest to read books that I actually want to read, even if they will somehow hinder my Goodreads goal or are not trendy to read at the moment.

GOAL #3: Sparse Book Buying

Last year, because of the craziness of 2020, I purchased a lot of books that I have yet to read. This year, I am going to be very selective about the books I will be purchasing for my physical collection. I have little room left on my shelves for new books, and want to fill the remaining space up with only books that I will be reading immediately and will most likely enjoy. I have pre-ordered a few of my most anticipated releases (more on those in a future post!), and plan on buying very few other books from that pre-determined list.

GOAL #4: Prioritize Books Sent by Publishers

Last year, much like every other year, I was kindly sent many books from publishing houses. Unfortunately, I did not read many of them, as I prioritized the (too many) books I purchased. I hope to make a significant dent in my backlist 2020 ARCs, and hope to enjoy all of them!

GOAL #5: Make a Better Attempt at Following my Monthly TBR

Over the past few years, I have made very little attempt at actually following the list of books I plan to read each month. In 2021, I plan on using my monthly TBRs as a strict list of books I plan on reading each month, and will try my best to complete all of them before the final day of the month.

GOAL #6: Complete my Re-Read Challenge

In 2021, I hope to re-read a lot of my old favourite books… but more on that in a future post!

Those are all of the reading goals I have made for myself to complete this year! Do you have any reading goals in mind?

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Reflecting on My 2020 Bookish Goals

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

One of my favourite ways of reflecting on previous years is to recap and reflect on my goals! Each year, I try to set some reading goals for myself, and share them on my blog to try to hold myself accountable. While I rarely accomplish half of my goals, I always enjoying setting them and trying to complete them. Last year, I set seven goals for myself, and I managed to accomplish five of the seven!!

GOAL #1: Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge: 45 Books

I managed to read 50-books in 2020, which surpassed my original Goodreads goal of 45! As I shared in my Top 8 Books of 2020 post, I could have easily read upwards of 70, but due to the craziness of 2020, I took some long, extended reading breaks throughout the year.

GOAL #2: Read a Variety of Genres

This year, I read a record number of adult contemporary and literary fiction! Up until 2020, I read loads of mystery/thriller and YA novels, so I am very happy that I branched out to a new genre this year. Because I enjoyed so many adult contemporary novels in 2020, I hope to read many more this year!

GOAL #3: Post more Consistently on Bookstagram

While I love using (and stalking people) on Instagram, this year I realized that my preferred medium of discussing books is through my blog. I went through periods of posting and abandoning my Bookstagram account in 2020, and therefore I hope to post a bit more frequently on it this year.

GOAL #4: Be More Selective with ARCs

I could almost guarantee that everyone completed this goal this year (unless you’re a big Netgalley user), due to the pandemic and the amount of ARCs that were distributed by publishing houses this past year.

GOAL #5: Read More eBooks

During the summer, I made the thoughtful decision of purchasing an eReader. I purchased the newest Kindle Paperwhite, and although I was skeptical of it at first, it turned out to be one of my favourite purchases of 2020! I used it a lot for my school books, and also enjoyed reading a lot of eARCs on it this past year! My only wish is that my Libby ebooks would transfer onto it, but since I am from Canada, that feature is not accessible here.

GOAL #6: Post more consistently on my blog!

I am very happy with all of the blog posts I wrote in 2020, and hope to continue writing frequently in 2021!

GOAL #7: Read Harry Potter!!!

I think we can all agree that not many celebrities had a worse year than J.K. Rowling… ūüė¨ Needless to say, this goal will not be on any future reading goals lists.

Out of all of my recent reading goals lists, this one was by far the most successful! I am really looking forward to putting together my 2021 reading goals list, and hope it is at least half as successful as this one!

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2020 Bookish Goals

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

One of my favourite blog posts of last year was my 2019 Bookish Goals post! A lot of you really enjoyed that one, so I wanted to bring it back for 2020! Many of these goals will be repeats, as I want to try to complete my unfinished goals. However, I still have a lot of new goals I want to strive to complete this year!

GOAL #1: Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge: 45 Books

This year, I hope to read 45 books! Last year I completed my goal of reading 45 books quite early, and I ended up reading 58 books total! I was tempted to set my goal at 50 books, but I think 45 books is a great goal for 2020!

GOAL #2: Read a Variety of Genres

Just like last year, I want to read books from a variety of genres. For the past few years, I have mainly only been reading books from the Mystery/Thriller and Contemporary genres, but this year I would like to read a lot more non-fiction novels, as well as a few SFF books.

GOAL #3: Post more Consistently on Bookstagram

In 2019, I created my bookstagram account, and I’m SO proud of how it went! However, I would like to post a lot more consistently. There are times where I would post once a day for two weeks, and then not at all for the next two. I hope to create a schedule of when I should post, which will help me be a lot more consistent. If you aren’t following me on Instagram, my username is @ReadingReadingReading!

GOAL #4: Be More Selective with ARCs

This year I am determined to stop requesting a ton of ARCs, especially since I didn’t get to quite a few of them from last year (you’ll see them in a future post!).

GOAL #5: Read More eBooks

I would love to start using my iPad to read a lot more eBooks. I have the Libby app on my iPad, which is essentially a digital library from my local library branch. Therefore, there is no excuse to not read more on my iPad!

GOAL #6: Post more consistently on my blog!

Over the past few months I have not been very consistent when it comes to writing and sharing blog posts, even though I put together quite a large posting schedule. I hope to stick to my 2020 schedule and post quite a bit more than I did last year!

GOAL #7: Read Harry Potter!!!

And finally, as all of my bookish goals posts end off with, I would love to finally read the Harry Potter series! I’m not 100% sure if I will have a chance to read them this year, but I will try my very best!

Those are all of my bookish goals for 2020! What are some of your goals?

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Reflecting on 2019 Bookish Goals

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

During January 2019, I wrote and shared a blog post talking about my top bookish goals for 2019! Today, I am going to be reacting and reflecting to them, and letting you know if I completed the goal or not! To view the original post, click here.

GOAL #1: Goodreads Reading Challenge: 40 Books

I COMPLETED THIS GOAL! I read 59/40 books this year, which is the most amount of books I have ever read in one year! As you will read in my Top 9 Books of 2019 post that will be out on Tuesday, I actually could have read quite a few more books than 59, although I have been quite busy lately. I am so proud of reaching my Goodreads goal this year, and hope to do so again in 2020!

GOAL #2: Read More Diverse Books

After reviewing all of the books I read on Goodreads, I am going to say that I completed this goal as well! I read quite a few books that had several diverse themes or were written by a diverse group of people.

GOAL #3: Variety of Genres

Unfortunately, I do not think I achieved this goal. Most of the books I read were either Mystery/Thriller novels or Contemporaries, which is what I usually have been reading over the past few years.

GOAL #4: Be More Selective with ARCs

Like the previous goal, I don’t think I completed this one either. I received A TON of ARCs this year, and about 40% of them I have yet to read. I will definitely be carrying this goal into 2020!

GOAL #5: Purchase Less Books

I definitely think I completed this one! This year, I learned to utilize and love my local library, and I think I only made one book outlet purchase this year! I can’t even remember the last time I bought a book for myself, which is crazy!

GOAL #6: Read More eBooks

Even though I believe I read more eBooks this year than I did last year, I still didn’t read that many, and will not be giving my self a stamp of completion for this goal!

GOAL #7: Participate in 5 Readathons

Unfortunately, I didn’t make enough time to participate in many readathons this year, and will be carrying this goal into 2020!

GOAL #8: Use Bookstagram

I 100% completed this goal this year! I accumulated over 1000 Bookstagram followers this year, and am looking forward to posting more frequently next year!

GOAL #9: Create a Book Club

I completed this goal as well! I created a book club at my school this year, although we haven’t had our second meeting yet…

GOAL #10: Read Harry Potter

Unfortunately, the goal I wanted to complete the most wasn’t even started this year! I own the entire Harry Potter series, but have yet to get past the second book. I am determined to complete this goal over the upcoming decade, and we shall see if I can complete the series sooner than later!

Those are all of the goals I set for myself for the year 2019, and I completed exactly half of them, which isn’t too great. I hope to stick to my goals even better in 2020, and I will be sharing my full goal list with you in just a few days! Did you set any bookish goals for yourself? If so, did you stick with them? Let me know in the comments!

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2019 Bookish Goals

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

I hope the first few days of 2019 have been going well for all of you! With a new year comes new goals. While I am not a big fan of making “new years resolutions”, I still thought it would be fun to share a few bookish goals I have set for this year, and then I will make a post at the end of the year to see how many I accomplished! These goals will be a combination of reading goals and book blogging goals.

  1. Goodreads Reading Challenge: 40 Books

This year, I have decided to set my reading goal on Goodreads to 40 books! Even though I have never read more than 40 books in one year, I thought I would set my goal pretty high and see just how many I can read! Every year, I end up reading quite a few books from January-March and then pick it back up from October until December. This year, I am going to try my absolute hardest to read consistently over the course of all twelve months, while taking a few small breaks every now and then. This will help me avoid reading slumps and book burnouts.

2. Diversity

There has been a surge of very diverse books all around the bookish world, which have been gaining a lot of popularity recently (and for an obviously great reason!). This year, I want to try and read a lot more diverse books, whether they may be diverse in subject matter, love interests, or the ethnicity/sexuality of the author. I already have a few diverse ARCs that I was recently sent by a couple of different publishing houses, so I already have quite a stack building up!

3. Variety of Genres

Along with reading diverse books, I also want to try and read from a variety of different genres. In 2018, I found a lot of great Mystery/Thriller books and it slowly became my new favourite genre. Unlike just sticking to reading books that mostly fall into that genre, I am going to chose a lot of different books to read to see if I find any new favourite genres in 2019! As always, I like to request a lot of different ARCs from different publishing houses, and that way I will be able to expand my reading horizons easily.

4. Selective with ARCs

In 2019, I want to be a lot more selective with ARCs I request and ARCs I choose from in monthly/seasonal newsletters. I have a tendency to over request books from publishers, or even request an abundance of different books on NetGalley (which is the NEVER a good idea). While I will still (inevitable) receive a lot of ARCs, I am going to make sure they are books I know I will read and hopefully enjoy.

5. Purchase Less Books

While I very rarely purchase new books from Indigo or online, I do enjoy indulging on huge Book Outlet orders and the occasional box set or two. This year I am going to prioritize reading the books I have not yet read that are sitting on my shelves. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t treat myself here and there!

6. Read More eBooks

Purchasing books not only costs money, but it also takes up a lot of shelf space! With more publishing houses sending out eARCs and using NetGalley to send advanced copies of upcoming releases, that makes it a lot easier to read and take advantage of eBooks. I personally LOVE eBooks, and find that I read a lot quicker using digital books than I do when reading physical books. I have been reading a lot of eBooks on my iPad using the Kindle app. The Kindle app makes downloading and receiving eARCs WAY easier, since you can send them directly to your unique Kindle email address. You can also buy really discounted eBooks on Kindle/Amazon since new releases and best sellers are constantly being put on sale. I plan on reading a lot of eBooks this year, and I hope you’ll join in with me on this goal!

7. Participate in 5 Readathons

I LOVE READATHONS! Unfortunately, I didn’t participate in any this year because I didn’t have much time for any and I couldn’t find any that would work with my TBRs for each month. Thankfully, Catriona from Little Book Owl has a Readathon calendarReadathon calendar with every single readathon going on in 2019! I will be utilizing this schedule A LOT when planning my TBRs and weeks I will be able to participate in readathons.

8. Use Bookstagram

Something I have been loving recently is using Instagram to post pictures of my books! I plan on keeping this up and expanding my bookish horizons in 2019! You can see my Bookstagram page and follow me here (I’ll follow you back if you comment that you came from my blog!).

9. Create a Book Club

I have been wanting to create a book club for SO LONG. I hope that 2019 is THE year that I will finally make one! I am not sure how exactly it will be created, but I’ll find a way eventually!


My final and most important (to my Father… hi DAD!!) is to finally read the entire Harry Potter series! I bought the entire series when I was 12-years-old and still haven’t read it yet! I hope that 2019 will be the year when I finally read the series! I think I’m going to try and read it all during the summer, but I may also try to read 1-2 books in the series each month… I’m not exactly sure yet.

I hope you enjoyed reading all of my bookish goals for 2019! What are yours? Let me know in the comments or send me a link to your post!

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How Far am I in my Goodreads Reading Goal?



Well, I think I’m doing really well!

I am currently 26/50 books! So that’s 55% complete!

And, it’s pretty much almost half way through the year, so I’m right on track!

I would really love to know how far along you guys are on your reading goals, so please leave me a comment letting me know!

I will see you guys tommorow with a new book review!

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2015 Bookish Goals and Resolutions!

Hello everyone, and happy new year!

Today, I thought that I would show you my 2015 bookish goals and resolutions. Let’s get started!

  • Reading Goal: 50-60 BOOKS???

This year, I really want to read 50-60 books! I almost reached my goal of 50 books this year, and I was so proud of it! I want to try to read about 5 books every month. 5×12=60, so if I don’t read 5 books every month, I can still reach my main goal of 50 books!

  • Read/Finish Popular Books/Series

I know, I know haven’t I read all of the popular books? Sadly, NO! I haven’t read the entire Harry Potter Books, The Hunger Games Trilogy and The Maze Runner quartet. I’m currently reading the first book in The Maze Runner series, and I’m REALLY enjoying it! These few books series are on TOP of my TBR!

  • Use my Public Library More!

This year, I want to be more involved with my public library, and take out more books from there, instead of buying all my books! I have two beautiful public library’s, and I know not everyone is so lucky!

  • Be More Active on the Social Media that’s associated with my Blog!

If you guys didn’t know, I have a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, all associated with my blog! I really want to be way more active on my social media! I am currently obsessed with updating my Facebook, so please like it if you haven’t already! I am also doing a January Instagram challenge to be more active on Instagram! Here are the links:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/readingreadingreading

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iireadingii

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/readingreadingreading

Those are all of my Bookish Goals and Resolutions! Tell me in the comments what your goals and resolutions are! Do we share any goals?

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