Reflecting on My 2020 Bookish Goals

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

One of my favourite ways of reflecting on previous years is to recap and reflect on my goals! Each year, I try to set some reading goals for myself, and share them on my blog to try to hold myself accountable. While I rarely accomplish half of my goals, I always enjoying setting them and trying to complete them. Last year, I set seven goals for myself, and I managed to accomplish five of the seven!!

GOAL #1: Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge: 45 Books

I managed to read 50-books in 2020, which surpassed my original Goodreads goal of 45! As I shared in my Top 8 Books of 2020 post, I could have easily read upwards of 70, but due to the craziness of 2020, I took some long, extended reading breaks throughout the year.

GOAL #2: Read a Variety of Genres

This year, I read a record number of adult contemporary and literary fiction! Up until 2020, I read loads of mystery/thriller and YA novels, so I am very happy that I branched out to a new genre this year. Because I enjoyed so many adult contemporary novels in 2020, I hope to read many more this year!

GOAL #3: Post more Consistently on Bookstagram

While I love using (and stalking people) on Instagram, this year I realized that my preferred medium of discussing books is through my blog. I went through periods of posting and abandoning my Bookstagram account in 2020, and therefore I hope to post a bit more frequently on it this year.

GOAL #4: Be More Selective with ARCs

I could almost guarantee that everyone completed this goal this year (unless you’re a big Netgalley user), due to the pandemic and the amount of ARCs that were distributed by publishing houses this past year.

GOAL #5: Read More eBooks

During the summer, I made the thoughtful decision of purchasing an eReader. I purchased the newest Kindle Paperwhite, and although I was skeptical of it at first, it turned out to be one of my favourite purchases of 2020! I used it a lot for my school books, and also enjoyed reading a lot of eARCs on it this past year! My only wish is that my Libby ebooks would transfer onto it, but since I am from Canada, that feature is not accessible here.

GOAL #6: Post more consistently on my blog!

I am very happy with all of the blog posts I wrote in 2020, and hope to continue writing frequently in 2021!

GOAL #7: Read Harry Potter!!!

I think we can all agree that not many celebrities had a worse year than J.K. Rowling… 😬 Needless to say, this goal will not be on any future reading goals lists.

Out of all of my recent reading goals lists, this one was by far the most successful! I am really looking forward to putting together my 2021 reading goals list, and hope it is at least half as successful as this one!

Good Night Book Owls!

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