2019 Bookish Goals

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

I hope the first few days of 2019 have been going well for all of you! With a new year comes new goals. While I am not a big fan of making “new years resolutions”, I still thought it would be fun to share a few bookish goals I have set for this year, and then I will make a post at the end of the year to see how many I accomplished! These goals will be a combination of reading goals and book blogging goals.

  1. Goodreads Reading Challenge: 40 Books

This year, I have decided to set my reading goal on Goodreads to 40 books! Even though I have never read more than 40 books in one year, I thought I would set my goal pretty high and see just how many I can read! Every year, I end up reading quite a few books from January-March and then pick it back up from October until December. This year, I am going to try my absolute hardest to read consistently over the course of all twelve months, while taking a few small breaks every now and then. This will help me avoid reading slumps and book burnouts.

2. Diversity

There has been a surge of very diverse books all around the bookish world, which have been gaining a lot of popularity recently (and for an obviously great reason!). This year, I want to try and read a lot more diverse books, whether they may be diverse in subject matter, love interests, or the ethnicity/sexuality of the author. I already have a few diverse ARCs that I was recently sent by a couple of different publishing houses, so I already have quite a stack building up!

3. Variety of Genres

Along with reading diverse books, I also want to try and read from a variety of different genres. In 2018, I found a lot of great Mystery/Thriller books and it slowly became my new favourite genre. Unlike just sticking to reading books that mostly fall into that genre, I am going to chose a lot of different books to read to see if I find any new favourite genres in 2019! As always, I like to request a lot of different ARCs from different publishing houses, and that way I will be able to expand my reading horizons easily.

4. Selective with ARCs

In 2019, I want to be a lot more selective with ARCs I request and ARCs I choose from in monthly/seasonal newsletters. I have a tendency to over request books from publishers, or even request an abundance of different books on NetGalley (which is the NEVER a good idea). While I will still (inevitable) receive a lot of ARCs, I am going to make sure they are books I know I will read and hopefully enjoy.

5. Purchase Less Books

While I very rarely purchase new books from Indigo or online, I do enjoy indulging on huge Book Outlet orders and the occasional box set or two. This year I am going to prioritize reading the books I have not yet read that are sitting on my shelves. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t treat myself here and there!

6. Read More eBooks

Purchasing books not only costs money, but it also takes up a lot of shelf space! With more publishing houses sending out eARCs and using NetGalley to send advanced copies of upcoming releases, that makes it a lot easier to read and take advantage of eBooks. I personally LOVE eBooks, and find that I read a lot quicker using digital books than I do when reading physical books. I have been reading a lot of eBooks on my iPad using the Kindle app. The Kindle app makes downloading and receiving eARCs WAY easier, since you can send them directly to your unique Kindle email address. You can also buy really discounted eBooks on Kindle/Amazon since new releases and best sellers are constantly being put on sale. I plan on reading a lot of eBooks this year, and I hope you’ll join in with me on this goal!

7. Participate in 5 Readathons

I LOVE READATHONS! Unfortunately, I didn’t participate in any this year because I didn’t have much time for any and I couldn’t find any that would work with my TBRs for each month. Thankfully, Catriona from Little Book Owl has a Readathon calendarReadathon calendar with every single readathon going on in 2019! I will be utilizing this schedule A LOT when planning my TBRs and weeks I will be able to participate in readathons.

8. Use Bookstagram

Something I have been loving recently is using Instagram to post pictures of my books! I plan on keeping this up and expanding my bookish horizons in 2019! You can see my Bookstagram page and follow me here (I’ll follow you back if you comment that you came from my blog!).

9. Create a Book Club

I have been wanting to create a book club for SO LONG. I hope that 2019 is THE year that I will finally make one! I am not sure how exactly it will be created, but I’ll find a way eventually!


My final and most important (to my Father… hi DAD!!) is to finally read the entire Harry Potter series! I bought the entire series when I was 12-years-old and still haven’t read it yet! I hope that 2019 will be the year when I finally read the series! I think I’m going to try and read it all during the summer, but I may also try to read 1-2 books in the series each month… I’m not exactly sure yet.

I hope you enjoyed reading all of my bookish goals for 2019! What are yours? Let me know in the comments or send me a link to your post!

Good Night Book Owls!

32 thoughts on “2019 Bookish Goals

  1. All the best! I hope you get to do everything you set your mind to.. I am looking forward to your book club personally..

  2. Good luck with all your challenges. I’m hoping to actually try and add an image to Instagram a day this year – (although I’ve already failed as I missed yesterday so doing two today).

  3. I am new to bookstagram as well and I just gave you a follow. I am so with you about drowning in ARCs and then get overwhelmed about them.

    I am not sure if my earlier comment went through.

  4. Good luck with all of your reading goals! ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to be more selective with ARCs as well as to purchase less books. Luckily I managed to stay away from Book Outlet last year for the most part. I only had one order, which is crazy because I used to be obsessed and would order at least once a month HAHA.

  5. Great goals! Good luck with them all! Totally on board with being more selective about ARCs! I had soo many this year, and half of them were utter poop…

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