5-Star Predictions: Summer 2020

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

Before we start this off, I hope all of you (us!) that are participating in The Reading Rush Readathon are doing well! I have read two full books as of Wednesday (the day I am writing this post), and hope to read at least three more by the end of the readathon!

Any who, last year, I started doing a seasonal 5-star predictions post where I shared five books that I thought would be 5-star reads. And at the end of each season, I would share my thoughts on the books and share whether they were actually 5-star reads or not! I had so much fun doing these posts in 2019, so I wanted to bring them back this year!


The first book I predict will be a 5-star read is One To Watch by Kate Stayman-London. To be transparent, I have actually already read this novel…but you will have to wait for my 5-star reflections post! I will say, if you enjoy the Bachelor/Bachelorette TV show, I would highly recommend this one!


The second book I predict will be 5-stars is Smoke Gets In Your Eyes & Other Lessons From The Crematory by Caitlin Doughty. I featured this book in my last book haul, but have yet to start it. I am still incredibly excited for this one, and plan on reading it near the end of the summer!


My third 5-star prediction is A Woman Alone by Nina Laurin. As I have shared previously, Nina Laurin’s 2019 release, The Starter Wife, was my favourite book of 2019, so to say I have high expectations for this book is an understatement!


My next 5-star prediction is The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. This book was incredibly popular last year, and to this day I have not heard one bad thing about it! My Mom read the book last spring and loved it, so I hope to have the same reading experience!


The last book I predict will be 5-stars this summer is The Swap by Robyn Harding. I have been looking forward to reading this book for a very long time, and I hope to get to this book before the end of July!


Those are all of the books I plan to read this summer that I predict will be 5-star reads! Have you read any of these books? Let me know in the comments section!

Good Night Book Owls!

3 thoughts on “5-Star Predictions: Summer 2020

  1. I hope you love all of these, they all look super intriguing! I loved the Hating Game and have been meaning to reread, I’ll be excited to hear your thoughts! 🥰

  2. I can’t wait to read One To Watch, I have it on hold at the library, and I could really need a new 5 star book :D, also I hope you enjoy The Hating Game!!!

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