Hi everyone,

At this current moment in time I am in such a bad mood, you have NO IDEA. So, basically, I wanted to switch my URL to https://readingandplanning.wordpress.com, so I did but right after I did that I knew I made a mistake. I DIDN’T press the “permanently delete this site URL”, so I thought that I could just fix it. But, it didn’t work and I STILL don’t know how to do it. Once I figure it out, I will change it to the original URL.

For now, the closest thing I could get was “readingreading…” instead of “readingreadingreading…”. Hopefully, I will find out how to fix my URL soon, but for now it will be just Reading, Reading. I can’t really make up my mind if I like this new one better, as it is shorter. I will STILL be calling my Blog Reading, reading, READING, because for all I am concerned, it will forever be that.

I hope that if any of you know how to fix it you will please tell me, and I will honestly love you FOREVER. If the process may take long, use the Contact Me form on the “Contact Me” page, and I will get back to you ASAP.

To sum it all up, I AM AN IDIOT.

2 thoughts on “I AM AN IDIOT.

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