February Flurries: In My Bookstore!

Hi guys!

Today, I’m going to be doing an “In My Bookstore”! A lot of you guys liked my “In My Library”: https://readingreadingalldaylong.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/february-flurries-in-my-library/ , and my “In My House: Bookshelf Tour”: https://readingreadingalldaylong.wordpress.com/2015/02/06/february-flurries-bookshelf-tour/, so I thought it would be fun to do the bookstore that I go to the most often as my third installment in my “In My…” series!

I’m going to be featuring a Chapters Book Store (which I ALWAYS call Indigo, so if I say Indigo you know why), which is basically the Canadian Version of Barnes and Nobles. The store ALWAYS changes for different times of the year, and I took these pictures on Valentines Day, thats why it was all heart-sy and lovey-dovey!
The Chapters that I took the pictures at was in a mall called Bayview Village, which is about 30-35 minutes away from my neighborhood. Before I start, I wanted to mention that I forgot to take pictures of the Adult Section, I didn’t do this on purpose, I must have forgotten, sorry! Although, I thought that most of my viewers read YA books, as that’s what I blog about most!

Let’s get started!


When you first walk in, it looks like this! Chapter is right beside the entrance door, meaning if I need to run in and grab a book, then run out, I can do so!


Here’s a little window sneak peek (which you saw in yesterdays post)!


Normally, they will have a seasonal display, and since I took these pictures on Valentines Day, the theme is love!


Right next to the Valentines Day/Seasonal Display, there is a HUGE section of New and Hot Books!


See any of the books that you love? I know I do!


There are also a few displays of tables of books right beside the “New & Hot” section! This one is called “Heather’s Picks”!


Beside that section, there is a TON of Journals and Stationary! Here are a few pics!



There is also an Indigo Tech section, where they sell iPads, E-Readers (Kobo) and accessories!


Everywhere in the Chapters store, they have a ton of search computers! They are so easy to use, and are compatible by touch screen or keyboard.


Here are some overhead shots that I took on the escalator upstairs (did I mention it was TWO FLOORS)!


Here’s a sneak-peak of the upstairs level!


Right when you get of the escalator OR elevator you end up in the main bargain books section. There is also a YA bargain books section, which I will show you soon.


They also have a coffee table/beautiful books section!



On the way to the YA/Kids/Starbucks sections, they have tables of books, as well as decorations!






Let’s head over to the Children’s section!


Here’s the beautiful sign!


Here’s a picture of a ton of the 6-8 books, as well as fun picture books!


Here’s a picture of the craft section!


Now, let’s head on to the YA Section!


Here’s in overview! I’m not really going to be describing/captioning all of the pictures, I only will when I have to!






Behind these books, on the shelves, you can find the Teen’s bargain books!


On the way to the checkout desks, they always have Mass Market Paperbacks on Sale! Most of them are for Adults.


Also on the way to the checkout desk, they have many knick-knacks and tons of cool goodies!


And that, is a tour In My Bookstore!

If you guys want me to do more of these posts, give me some suggestions on where I should do them in (what places). I personally LOVE showing pictures in my posts, as I think that it’s more fun to read!
If you guys like this post, feel free to like, comment and share, it means a lot!

Good Night Book Lions!

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