February Blog Series: February Flurries!

Hi everyone!

Back by popular demand, I’m doing another blog series for February (which I have kind of been hinting to)! It’s called February Flurries!

Before I explain to you how this is going to work, here are some FAQs:

Will I be doing a blog series every month?

No, I will not be doing one EVERY month, maybe every 2 months!

Why do you keep doing blog series?

First of all, when I did my Holiday Reading Series, my stats SKY ROCKETED! Second off, many of you liked knowing my posts for February, so you could come back the days that you wanted to read that specific post.

Will every blog series have a theme?

Not really. This month I’m trying to do wintry/school based topics of posts. I will always try to include popular posts, such as, Book Reviews, Book Tags, Hauls, etc.

Special News:

My Blog series now have a page on my top bar, scroll over it to access previous reading series!


Now for the part you’re all here for!

February 1: February TBR
February 2: In My Library
February 3: Top Ten Tuesday {02/3}
February 4: WWW Wednesday
February 5: E-Book Collection
February 6: Book Shelf Tour!
February 7: Quick Thought #6: Balancing a Social Life while Running a Blog, Reading and School
February 8: Forest of Reading
February 9: Book Review
February 10: Science Has Great News for People Who Actually Read Books!
February 11: Quick Thought #7: How to LOVE READING!
February 12: Book Recommendations For Valentines Day
February 13: How I Spend My Valentines Day
February 14: Happy “Hearts” Day!
February 15: Sunday Showcase
February 16: Happy Family/Presidents Day!
February 17: Epic Reads Book Tag
February 18: My Second Obsession (DISNEY)
February 19: Minutes Before Sunset Book Review
February 20: Surprise Author Interview!
February 21: Quick Thought #8: ARCs/Review Books
February 22: Ultimate Book Tag
February 23: In My Book Store
February 24: Favourite Places to Read
February 25: The Only Boy Book Review
February 26: (ANOTHER!) Surprise Author Interview
February 27: How To Get Rid of Reading Slumps
February 28: February Wrap-Up

That is my schedule and info for my February Blog Series, “February Flurries”! I hope you enjoy it, mark your calenders for the days that you’re going to read (hopefully all!).
I told you this month would be exciting!

See You Tomorrow!

Good Night Book Lions!

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