NaNoWriMo 2014: Chapter 12

As we near the karate studio, Sienna is waiting outside for me. Sienna is a smart and studious student who takes school very seriously, and is looked up to by many others. She is the head, and a full time kindergarten and daycare monitor and helper. She attends teacher, school council and student council meetings. She is the grade eight school president and has joined many clubs throughout her school. She goes to the school across from mine, so I don’t see her every day, just once a week, unless she is studying for a test.
As soon as she see’s me, she runs over and gives me a huge hug, just like she does every time I see her. “Hi Rachel! I’m so happy to see you! How are you? You look great!” she tells me, did I mention, she is a bit of a chatter box. “I am great, thanks! How are you? I haven’t seen you in so long!” I tell her. “I am good thanks!” she says.

I think it’s time to pop the question, and no we’re not getting married. “What is your DDK?” I ask her I wonder what she’ll say to me, I don’t think she’s one of the most outgoing people so she may not even tell me but it’s worth a shot. She tells me 90 years I say I got 95. “95, I wonder how special you must feel. Congratulations, being 95 means that you will have an amazing life. Same with 90 so I’m glad to share most of our lives together.” I say goodbye, for just a second as I walk into the class with David, I know I’ll see her later so she just wait for me at the bench. I always love seeing sienna because she’s not like most of the outgoing girls but she’s also so lovely and so I can talk to her so much and she won’t judge me or anything like that, she’s just a wonderful person.

As I walk into my brothers class, I get a glimpse of all of his friends. Most of them look pretty nice, and cute for four year old standards. A boy named Nathan walks over to me and gives me a big hug. I’ve never heard him talk, but he is adorable and by far my favourite.
I say goodbye to David and go over to my mom to ask her a question. I’ve thought about asking her this question before, but I really want to hear her answer. “Hi mom.” I say. “Hi sweetie.” She replies. “Can I ask you something?” I ask. “Sure, go right ahead.” She replies. This is it. “Mom, what is your DDK?” I ask. She looks at me, first with a stare, then with a smile. . “Do you really want to know?” she asks. “Yes.” I tell her. “I got 99 years.”

What are your thoughts?

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