Alyssa’s Reviews – We Are Canada by Rikia Saddy

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to be doing a book review for the fourth book I read this year! It’s called We Are Canada by Rikia Saddy.

Summary (

We Are Canada is a short story of Canada that begins at the end of the last ice age and carries through to the present day. It is an eighty-page telling of our history that challenges three Canadian myths: that the French were a conquered people, that our First Nations were innocent bystanders in the formation of our country, and that Canada only had two founding peoples. According to Rikia Saddy, we’ve been multicultural from the start. An informative, easy read, We Are Canada will change the way you see your country. We can’t be divided, and we can’t be conquered. We are Canada.


I found this book to be very interesting. I had to read this for school, as well for the Red Maple (Forest of Reading) program that is at my school. I recently posted something ALL ABOUT the Forest Of Reading Program, click here to read it: !

I live in Canada, and I really enjoyed reading the history of Canada, up until the present day. This book was really short, so it only took me about 30-40 minutes to read. It’s slightly over 100 pages, with about 4 sentences per page, along with an illustration.


I enjoyed reading this book, and gave it 3.75 out of 5 stars!

Good Night Book Lions!

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