Holiday Reading: Quick Thought #4: How do I make time to read during the holidays/winter break?

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be doing my Quick Thought #4!

How do I make time to read during the holidays/winter break?

I love to make a TBR/Schedule of what I’m going to be reading right before Winter Break. I always have a few books/genres that I need to complete for school, so I base my TBR around that as well.

Another tip would be to go to the library as much as possible. I always love being in an atmosphere with books, so if you need to study, you can still pick up a book and start reading!

For students in Elementary or Middle School, try to pick 3 books and chose the chapters you will read each day, so you can finish your desired books!

Another idea would be to make goals/challenges that will make you read more. For me, whenever I make a goal I try my best to stick to it! That way I get whatever I need to get done, over with!

I hope you make some time to read during Winter Break!

Good Night Book Worms!

What are your thoughts?

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