Reading, Reading, Reading Turns 1

Today, December 8, is my one year bloggiversery! I cannot believe it’s already been one whole year! You guys mean so much to me, I couldn’t thank you enough. I’m so glad to be part of such an amazing community. I have been in love with reading since I could remember, and didn’t believe my eyes when I heard about blogging. I would also like to say a special thanks to Simon and Schuster Canada, especially Catherine and Michelle. Both of you girls have been SO lovely, and I cannot thank you enough for all of the amazing books you have provided me with. I was so happy when I got to meet Michelle at the Toronto International Book Fair! This community has gotten me so much more involved in all types of books. I would not have read some off my all time favourite books, if it wasn’t for your reccomedations. Each and everyone of you are special. Thanks and NEVER STOP READING!

Thanks for an awesome year.

Good Night Book Worms!

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