Holiday Reading: This or That Book Tag!

Hey guys!

Although, this may not be holiday related, I thought it would be fun to do the this or that tag. You can even give this tag to a friend, to see which items that they would prefer, so you can buy them something they like!

Let’s Get Started!

1. Audiobook or book in hand?
Book in hand! I can never concentrate enough when listening to an audio book!

2. Soft cover or Hardback?

3. Fiction or Non-fiction?

4. Fantasy world or Real life issues?
Both. Fantasy world if it was like princesses/fairytale like, but not assassins. Real life issues if it was something I would be interested in, such as the holocaust!

5. Harry Potter or Twilight?
Harry Potter!

6. Kindle, I-pad or other?
I prefer my kobo e-reader!

7. Borrow or Buy?

8. Bookstore or Online?
Bookstore (unless there is an AMAZING deal)!

9. Standalone or Trilogy?

10. Monster read or short and sweet?
Short and Sweet.

11. Stary eyed romance or full of action?
Full of Action! Weird romances make me CRINGE…

12. Curl up in your snuggie or Bathe in the sun?
Curling up in my snuggie by far!

13. Hot chocolate or latte?
Hot Chocolate!!

14. Read the review or decide for yourself?
Decide for MYSELF!

That was the this or that booktag! Check back tommorow for a new holiday post!

What are your thoughts?

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