May 2021 TBR

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

I am so excited to return from my long blogging and reading break! During the first quarter of the year, I mostly only focused on my school work, as I had quite a bit more working during my second semester compared to my first semester. As of April 12, I completed my first year of university, and I am incredibly proud of myself and the work I submitted! I plan on sharing a post all about my first year of university as an English major, and that post should be out sometime within the next week!

Anyways, as I stated earlier, I took a long break from reading and was solely reading books that were required reading for English classes. Now, I am so excited to get through my this month’s TBR, which is a collection of most anticipated books that have come out recently, as well as some backlist titles!

The first book I plan to read this month is THEY NEVER LEARN by Layne Fargo. This book is the May selection for BooksandLala’s Late Night Book Club, which I have never participated in up until this month! I had never heard of this book until she announced that it was this month’s selection, however, after reading many reviews for it on Goodreads, I am very excited to start reading it! As you can probably tell by the reflective plastic protection, I picked this book up from my library.

The second book I plan on reading this month is another library book titled THE PISCES by Melissa Broder. Currently, my favourite book of the year is MILK FED, Melissa Broder’s 2021 release. You can read my review for that book here. This book is one of Broder’s backlist titles, which I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about. Because I love Broder’s writing style and odd themes, I am really intrigued by this novel and hope to read it very soon!

The third book I hope to read this month is THE INTIMACY EXPERIMENT by Rosie Danan. This book focuses on many themes to interest me, including body positivity, judaism, and of course, romance! This book was one of my most anticipated books of the year, and I hope it lives up to all of the hype!

The fourth book I plan on reading this month is THE MINDERS by John Marrs. John Marrs is one of my favourite authors of all-time, and his newest book sounds incredibly intriguing! Words cannot express how excited I am to read Marrs’ 2021 release!

I then hope to read SECOND FIRST IMPRESSIONS by Sally Thorne. I read THE HATING GAME by Sally Thorne earlier this year and loved it, and some have said that they enjoyed this one even more! I know next to nothing about the story that is written in this book, but I am still very excited to read it!

The sixth book I hope to read this month is TOKYO EVER AFTER by Emiko Jean. I received an ARC of this book from Raincoast Books last month, and I am really looking forward to reading this seemingly emotional and touching story.

Last but definitely not least, I hope to read EVERY BODY SHINES edited by Cassandra Newbould. This is an anthology that features stories that centre around plus-sized teenagers! Since this is a short story collection, I hope to read a few stories here and there throughout the month while reading other novels. I am SO excited to read these stories and jump into the lives of so many diverse, complex, and relatable characters! Thanks to Raincoast Books for sending me an ARC of this book!

Those are all of the books I hope to read this month! What are you planning on reading this May?

Good Night Book Owls!

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