Non-Fiction November Haul

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

If you are American, I hope you had a lovely, thought provoking and reflective Thanksgiving with your immediate family! I have never been one to typically celebrate Thanksgiving (especially since it’s not as popular in Canada), but I certainly understand the purpose of it, especially during the exhaustive year we have all had. Additionally, I apologize for my disappearance on both my blog and Instagram. School has been really hectic lately, but I only have a week and a half to go until I’m finished this semester, so expect a lot more posting from then until the beginning of January!

In the month of November, I have pretty much been only able to read books I am required to complete for school. However, I have been dabbling into a few of my previously purchased non-fiction books, which inspired me to pick up a few more! All of the books I purchased this month were non-fiction, and all but Barack Obama’s memoir were purchased from A Different Booklist, which is an independent black-owned bookstore located in Toronto. I purchased from them a few months ago (see that haul here), and wanted to support them again as Toronto is going through their second lock down since COVID-19 began. If you can afford to, I highly recommend shopping at independent local bookstores for this upcoming holiday season, as they need all of our support now more than ever!

The first book I picked up was Disfigured by Amanda Leduc. This book has been on my to-buy list since I first heard about it during this past spring. I am a huge fairy tale lover (and am even completing a course on fairy tales in university this year), and I think this book will be so interesting!

The second book I picked up from A Different Booklist was So You Want To Talk About Race by Iljeoma Oluo. I have heard some exceptional things about this novel, and am going to read it to advance my read list of anti-racist literature.

The final book I picked up from A Different Booklist was Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall. Similarly to the last two books, I have heard some fantastic things about the information presented in this book, and I hope it is a very insiteful and informative read!

The final non-fiction book I picked up this month came from a pre-order from Indigo, and it was A Promised Land by Barack Obama. This is the first of two political memoirs that Obama is writing, and while I am only six chapters in thus far (hence the bookmark), I’m loving it! There is a 1% chance that I will be able to finish this book by the end of 2020, but I still hope to read it as much as possible over the next month!

Those are all of the non-fiction books I picked up this November! Did you read or pick up any new non-fiction books this month?

Good Night Book Owls!

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