A Thrilling October 2020 TBR!

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

October is my second favourite month of the year, as I absolutely love watching old Disney halloween movies, enjoying the crisp autumn weather, and of course, reading all of the spooky thrillers my heart desires! As you may have noticed, I did not post a September wrap-up, because I only read three books over the past month. However, hopefully by jumping back into my favourite genre, I will be able to read all of the books on this months’ TBR!

The first book I plan on reading this month is THE SHINING by Stephen King! One of my pre-established reading goals for 2021 will be to start reading more horror novels, and what better way to test that goal out a few months early than to pick up a classic Stephen King novel?! I have never read any books written by King, but since Indigo chose him as their “Author Of The Month” – meaning all Stephen King novels are 25% off until October 31 – I decided to pick up both this novel and MISERY in hopes of loving his novels. If so, I plan on building a little King collection with some of his more well-known books in order to read them in 2021!

The second book I plan on reading this month is MEXICAN GOTHIC by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. This book has been getting so much buzz recently, and since I typically love scary thrillers, I think I will really love this one! Plus, this cover is stunning!

The third book I plan on reading this month is THE WOMAN OUTSIDE MY DOOR by Rachel Ryan. This is a dark thriller scheduled to be released in November. Ryan is a debut author, so the fact that this book has already been getting some buzz must mean that it is fantastic! Thanks to Simon and Schuster Canada for sending me this ARC, I cannot wait to get to it!

The fourth book I hope to read this month is THE END OF HER by Shari Lapena. I have read one Lapena novel in the past and enjoyed it, but I hope to like this one even better. My favourite sub-genre within thrillers is domestic thrillers, which I believe is the category that this book fits into, so hopefully that means I will love it!

The final book I hope to read this month is THE NIGHT SWIM by Megan Goldin. This is Goldin’s second novel, however, I have yet to read her first one solely because it does not interest me too much. However, this book peaked my interest quite a while ago, so I hope to enjoy it very much!

Those are all of the books I hope to read for the month of October! Compared to past TBRs, this one is definitely a lot shorter, but hopefully that means I will have a chance to get to each and every one of these novels! What are you planning on reading this month?

Good Night Book Owls!

2 thoughts on “A Thrilling October 2020 TBR!

  1. This is such an awesome reading list for October! I’ve only read The Shining from this list, but if you’re new to Stephen King, then that and Misery are great places to start. Mexican Gothic is also on my TBR pile, but the others are new to me. Definitely checking them out.

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