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After reading so many mystery/thrillers over the past few months, I was in need of a good romance “palette cleanser” novel. I had a few of them to chose from, so I decided to read through the first page to see which one intrigued me the most. When I picked up the  novel, The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon, I read the first line – “Alexa, play Drake.” and I knew this was the one for me! {Also, NEW DRAKE TODAY!}


Synopsis (

Samiah Brooks never thought she would be “that” girl. But a live tweet of a horrific date just revealed the painful truth: she’s been catfished by a three-timing jerk of a boyfriend. Suddenly Samiah-along with his two other “girlfriends,” London and Taylor-have gone viral online. Now the three new besties are making a pact to spend the next six months investing in themselves. No men, no dating, and no worrying about their relationship status . . .
For once Samiah is putting herself first, and that includes finally developing the app she’s always dreamed of creating. Which is the exact moment she meets the deliciously sexy, honey-eyed Daniel Collins at work. What are the chances? When it comes to love, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. But is Daniel really boyfriend material or is he maybe just a little too good to be true?

This was the PERFECT romance for me. Since both of the main characters, Samiah and Daniel, work at a huge tech company, I really loved the tech elements presented in this book. I really loved reading about all of the projects they were tasked with and all of the extra tech-talk that was written in this novel.

Of course, one of the best elements of their workplace was the fact that Samiah was a women in a powerful position. In the male-dominated tech-world, it was so nice to read about a women of colour in a high-up position, who was respected and appreciated for by her employees and employers. I never enjoy reading the trope of the “unappreciated female employee”, so I was very happy that that was not included in this novel. Since Samiah is an important asset to her male-dominated company, there is a lot of great commentary about women – specifically women of colour – working in the tech industry and trying their best to succeed in order to keep doorways open for other women like them. A lot of the commentary was not something that I had ever read before or thought about, so I was incredibly grateful to have been opened up to those conversations.

One of my favourite aspects of this novel was reading about the strong female friendships between Samiah, London, and Taylor. Although they are brought together by an unfortunate event, their friendship blossomed throughout the story and was simply a joy to read. I have a strong group of friends like the one written about in this novel, and it made me appreciate them even more!

And of course, I LOVED Daniel! He was definitely my favourite character in this novel. Without spoiling anything, he does some questionable things in this novel, but they are all for a purpose and easy to understand. He is put in some hard situations, and even Samiah comes to understand why he did what he did. I loved Daniel and Samiah’s relationship from the very beginning of this novel, as they liked each other right away. I know the hate-to-love relationship trope is very popular, but I find it to be a tad overdone. I really enjoyed the pace of their relationship, and I enjoyed reading about every aspect of it!

The writing in this novel is nothing special, but I appreciated that the synopsis began and ended within the first 50 pages of the novel, and truthfully, most of what occurs in the novel, is not even mentioned in the synopsis at all! As for the “steamy scenes” (as I like to call them!), they were the perfect amount of sweet and steamy, and were not to overly descriptive. In my opinion, it was the perfect amount for a contemporary romance.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book and gave it 5/5 stars. Thanks to HBG Canada for providing me with a finished copy to read and review!

Good Night Book Owls!

P.S. I’m low-key convinced the Farrah Rochon and myself are the same person based on her author-bio on the bag of the novel! We both love reading, travelling, Walt Disney World and Broadway shows!!

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    in your p.s., “the” s/b “that” or remove entirely

    The ed.

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