Netflix Announces a Nurse “Ratched” Original Series!

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As part of my AP English course that I took last academic year, I was required to read, analyze, and write about One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Keesey. I had never heard of the novel before, and was weary about reading it because I normally do not enjoy books that mostly take place in hospitals. However, to my surprise, I enjoyed the book immensely and absolutely loved Nurse Ratched.

The novel, itself, takes place in a psychiatric hospital ward. Nurse Ratched is the antagonist, who oversees the operations of the ward, and is loathed by practically every patient in the novel. I was immediately drawn to her character, as I typically enjoy reading from the perspective of, or about, a villainous characters. And Nurse Ratched was no exception! For our final project to complete on the novel, we had to create a very lengthy and detailed character analysis, and I chose to complete it on Nurse Ratched herself!


After watching the Les Miserables: Staged Concert on my TV (do yourself a favour and purchase a copy from your digital media provider – it was extraordinary!), I went on YouTube before finishing up my night by starting a new novel! Coincidentally, Netflix had posted a new original trailer titled “Ratched”, that seemed to be getting a lot of buzz.

It wasn’t until the trailer hit the middle section until I realized what it was about. Netflix was going to be releasing a TV series about one of my favourite fictional characters of all time, Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest! If you haven’t seen the glorious trailer, featuring none other than Sarah Paulson, find it below!

The series will essentially be a prequel to the original novel, sharing the origin story of Nurse Ratched.

According to Netflix, the first season of the series will be coming out on September 18 (were they prepared for COVID-19 or what?!). We also know that Brandon Flynn and Sophie Okonodeo will play major roles in the series.


I can’t remember the last time I watched a TV series on Netflix, but this one will be watched immediately upon release! I have never done a TV series review on the blog, but that will be changing after I watch “Ratched” in full!

Are you excited for this new Netflix original series? Will you be watching it?

Good Night Book Owls!

3 thoughts on “Netflix Announces a Nurse “Ratched” Original Series!

  1. R U a reader or a viewer? LOL By the way, what about Grey’s Anatomy? Didn’t you watch that on Netflix? FAKE NEWS!

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