July 2020 TBR

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

I hope you are all doing safe and well during these very interesting times (to say the least)! I am trying my best to stay home as much as possible, and whenever I am going out, I always wear a mask. Wearing a mask is NOT a political statement, it just means that you care as much about your own health as the health and safety of others (TLDR: you are a kind person!). I encourage you all to do the same 🙂

Anyways, I have been struggling with blogging frequently for a few reasons, one being that I was very busy finishing up my last and final semester of high school (woohoo!!!), and secondly, I have been having trouble with making authentic and quality posts. I have always been someone who would love to post daily and make new and interesting content on a regular basis, but that always seems to be a bit challenging for me. Whenever I post TBR videos, I always pick out a ton of books that I know other people are interested in, but I never end up reading them because I am a) not super interested in them and/or b) a mood reader. SO, I have compiled a list of books – and stuck them all on the same shelf – that I would like to read sometime this summer. These are all books that I already own and have been wanting to read for quite a while now, and REALLY need to read them over the next two months!

This month, I am going to be strictly reading based on my mood and what I am interested in at the moment! I think that will help prevent a reading slump, and will allow me to continue this great reading kick I have been on! In June, I read 8 books – and I decided to make a BookTube video on them! You can watch it here. I will NOT be using BookTube as my main book platform (even though I have been giving it a few moments of thought), because I have been dedicated to this book blog for so long now, and will forever use the gift of writing to share my love of reading to others. That is, of course, not to discount BookTube videos in any way (gd knows I spend WAY too much time watching them), but I think this blog is a lot better for me, and reaches a lot more people than my videos ever will. I have been writing on this blog for over six and a half years, and still love it as much as I did when I first created it. My June TBR will be the only video on my BookTube channel that will not have a corresponding blog post, so if you are interested in hearing my thoughts on the books I read this past month, please watch the video!


Currently, I am about half-way through The Guest List by Lucy Foley and am really, really enjoying it so far! Look out for a review of it in the coming weeks!

And that is it for today’s long and rambly post! I cannot believe we are already half way through 2020! What are you planning on reading this month?!

Good Night Book Owls!


One thought on “July 2020 TBR

  1. I read The Guest List last week and thought it was okay. What a disaster that whole wedding turned out to be, eh? If you’ve finished it, I’d love to know what you thought of it.

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